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Tech News Today
Episode 177

Tech News Today 177: While My Guitar Hero Gently Weeps

Get all passwords off anyone's iPhone, Facebook and Google want to buy Twitter, Activision kills all music games, and more.


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  • Apple TV gaming hinted strongly in iOS 4.3 beta code
    • Code in iOS 4.3 beta 3 refers to ATVGames and ATVThunder. "" and ".play.archive.thunder
    • Also references to "Sedona" and "Flagstaff" Sedona refers to director, episode, season so probably about video merch. "Flagstaff" refers to account types and Merch.
  • Guitar Hero gets axed; Activision shares dip 7%
    • Activision Blizzard has solid 2010, confirms layoffs
    • Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg during earnings call, announced they're stopping development on True Crime: Hong Kong and all music games, including Guitar Hero. Activision will lay off 7% of staff (about 500 people) Focusing on Call of Duty and Blizzard games. Overall revenue up in 2010 and profit quadruples over 2009, but 4th quarter revenue dropped from 1.6 billion in 2009 to 1.4 billion in 2010. Still posted a smaller loss for the quarter over 2009 because of a reduction in expenses.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science


  • Oh right. You might have thought I was talking about another release. Yeah, that one isn't as exciting apparently. Verizon iPhone launched at 7 AM today - gives multiple meanings to "yawn"


ANkh: Alien Dalvik


"Hi everyone! I just wanted to clarify a couple things about current console mods. First of all the xbox 360 can be hacked with a modchip, however this is not what most people mod their 360 DVD drives with these days. The most common mod is a modified DVD firmware file that needs to be flashed to that specific drive. (Each 360 has a unique key flashed to the motherboard and dvd drive that is essential for proper functionality.) In regards to the ps3 hacks it was at first a USB dongle that jailbroke ps3's and put them into developer mode. Recently geohot's firmware hack which uncovered the master key to the ps3 negated the need for any additional hardware. Just an FYI- there are very few games on any current console that have dedicated servers that let you choose which servers you can play on. No current games in the past year or two come to mind.

Love the show guys!

-Matt B"

"Hey folks,

You know, ask me a week ago if I thought HP would ever ship desktops without Windows and I would have laughed. The other day I was by a local office store and they had one of HP's TouchSmart PCs on display. I thought the UI on-screen was an image... until I touched it. A good ten-fifteen minutes later it dawned on me that the UI I'd been -playing- with was something on top of Windows and that my task bar and system tray was missing. I was floored. Not only because of how fun the touch was, but because I had used something other than Windows for so long without realizing it.

Keeping in mind that this was the TouchSmart app on top of Windows 7 and not webOS, I think I'd be OK with a touch OS on a desktop. After all, what's the local OS got to do these days anyway, launch a browser?

Loving the show!

Tommy in Kingston [Ontario]"

"An interesting addendum to the ho-hum launch today... perhaps states that had very spotty AT&T coverage is where all the action will be. The one quote from the Verizon regional public relations manager in Montana is quite interesting: ""Bob Kelley, regional public relations manager for Verizon, said Wednesday that his store managers in Montana were too busy with the pre-iPhone rush to give interviews to The Associated Press."" Because of the costs with breaking contracts, we have been looking in the wrong areas (NY, San Francisco) for where the real action will be (Montana, the Dakota's, etc.)? -CurtisB"


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