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Tech News Today
Episode 180

Tech News Today 180: Geohot's Got Talent

A host of new HTC hardware, A glowing blue Facebook button, Geohot kicks the jams, and more.



Discussion Stories

The company will offer $100 million in common stock - But despite revenue of $55.2 million in fiscal 2010 and $90.1 million in the nine months ended October 31, Pandora had respective net losses of $16.8 million and $0.3 million. A key element of our strategy is to aggressively increase the number of listeners and listener hours to increase our market penetration," the S-1 statement notes. "However, as our number of listener hours increases, the royalties we pay for content acquisition also increase. We have not in the past generated, and may not in the future generate, sufficient revenue from the sale of advertising and subscriptions to offset such royalty expenses." For the nine months ending on October 31, 2010, Pandora incurred "SoundExchange related content acquisition costs" to the tune of 45 percent of the company's total revenue for that time period.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Hey TNT crew!

Hope you caught last night's Jeopardy with Watson. I just wanted to make sure that you made the point that this challenge is NOT about trivia, but about natural language processing. Most of your computer science viewers know very well that natural language is, perhaps, the most difficult challenge in all of AI. Anyway, it was interesting to see where Watson screwed up, and what he was good at. Anything with key words like the ""Beatles"" were easy to answer, but the category about ""decades"" was not so easy because Watson didn't understand what the answers even look like. It did adapt, though.

Anyway, love the show. Tom, you et al rock.

-Andy from Raleigh, NC (andygamer in the chatroom, also weeks away from getting his PhD in computer science)"

"Hey Sarah,

Robocop in Detroit would bring a great tourist attraction to a city who badly needs tourism dollars, don't you think? Maybe he really can save Detroit after all! :-)




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