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Tech News Today
Episode 182

Tech News Today 182: Vendetta Stone

Google, Spotify and Sony beat iTunes to streaming punch, Canada under attack, FBI talks backdoors, and more.


Top Stories

  • Google will launch iTunes music store competitor with upgrade to Android
  • Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha seems to have spilled the beans. Speaking at MWC "If you look at Google Mobile services today, there's a video service, there's a music service," Jha was quoted saying in The Guardian. "That is, there will be a music service." ater on, Jha spoke about the Xoom—which will be the first to launch with the tablet-friendly Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)—and added that the OS "adds video services and music services." Insiders said in September that Google was hoping to offer the streaming service to user for $25 per year, which would give them online access to their music library via desktops and mobile devices. Users would also be able to create playlists to share with others—friends would be able to listen to each track all the way through one time, then would be limited to 30-second previews after that until they buy the song(s) themselves.
  • Google music service expected to launch with Honeycomb and Xoom
  • Spotify Signs On EMI For US Launch. At Least One More To Go…

AND Peter Kafka at ATD says sources tell him Spotify has reached an agreement with EMI, it's reported they agreed with Sony earlier last month.

  • Sony’s Sony-Centric Music Service Goes Live in the US
  • Sony Music Unlimited now streaming tracks to the US
  • Music Unlimited Powered by Qriocity - six million tracks from all the major music companies, plus independent labels. -- PlayStation 3 and recent Internet-enabled Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players, and there’s a Web-based version for PCs and Macs. A $3.99-a-month version lets you listen to music channels themed by genre, decade, and mood, and scan the playlists on your computer and reconstruct them within Sony’s service; a $9.99 version allows full on-demand listening to every song and album in the catalog.

Discussion Stories

FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni told a congressional committee that the bureau's push for expanded Internet wiretapping authority doesn't mean giving law enforcement a master key to encrypted communications, an apparent retreat from her position last fall.

  • Report: Canadian cyberattack traced to China
  • Attacks discovered in early January, reached Finance Department and Treasury Board, attempting to capture passwords for government databases. Net access was shut down for both departments entirely and is just now being restored. CBC reports the attacks have been traced to China. China denies involvement. Could be routed through China without originating there.
  • Done With Silly Game Shows, IBM’s Watson Finds A Job
  • The final score for tonight’s game was $44,131 for Watson, $19,200 for Ken Jennings and $11,200 for Brad Rutter. Total scores over two days of play was $77,147 for Watson, $21,600 for Rutter and $24,000 for Jennings. Nuance Communications, a software company best known for its Dragon Naturally Speaking line of speech-recognition software, today announced a research agreement with IBM to explore ways to use the Watson system and its deep analytics technology in the health care industry.
  • IBM's Watson gets smashed on 'Conan'

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"As a long-time Tablet PC user, I feel a strong urge to chime in with regard your comments on the new HTC flyer tablet. As a group, you all poo-poo'ed the stylus as something that people would just loose and not get much use out of. However, I would argue that the reality is much like your comments on the facebook phone or tiwtter phone - there is a sizable market niche that will be very excited about good inking on some of these new tablets. (Call us the Courier dreamers).

A tablet with long-life battery, touch and digitizer input, digital ink and handwriting recognition is a product that will do well in the market, especially if they can get a good cloud system for the digital notes like evernote.


"Count me in as one of the people who think my home town of Detroit has bigger problems than the lack of a Robocop statue. Others may agree, but comic book writer Ron Marz is putting his money where is twitter is - he, along with screenwriter/game designer Gary Whitta, have organized a twitter campaign under #ROBOCHARITY to give money to Forgotten Harvest, a local Detroit food bank. Let's see if we can get $50k where it's really needed.

Some links for more info:

Thanks Bob in Philly, exported from Detroit"



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