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Tech News Today
Episode 185

Tech News Today 185: Cylon Children Make Demands

Cell Phone radiation, AT&T upload problems, Google disables Facebook contact sync, and more.


Top Stories

  • HP’s new business laptops offer up to 32 hours of battery
  • HP ups workplace sex appeal with new Sandy Bridge notebooks
  • HP EliteBook 8460p - To get to 32 hours, you have to buy the HP BB09 ultra-extended life notebook battery and download the latest Intel graphics driver and HP BIOS (or startup software). The notebook can get to 32 hours if you use Intel graphics, a 160-gigabyte Intel flash memory SSD drive, an HP LED HD display and Windows 7. So it costs more and it adds one pound to the overall weight. New design for EliteBooks and ProBooks is called FORGE. EliteBook p-series and ProBook b-series and s-series models. - Magnesium and Aluminum chassis - Bottom panel is a single large piece removed by squeezing a latch and sliding off. Can be secured with a single screw.
  • Priced starting at $999, HP's new 14- and 15.6-inch p-series notebooks come standard with Intel HD graphics, but an option will be available for AMD Radeon HD 6470M discrete graphics.-The more budget-minded ProBook b-series, which starts at $799- Multimedia s-series models Priced starting at $579 - Shipping March 15

Discussion Stories

  • Google yanks request for kids’ social security numbers
  • Google requested identification for children participating in the Doodle-4-Google art contest. Open to kids Kindergarten through last year in High School. Google opened the contest to any child even if their school had not registered. To keep entries distinct Google asked for parental consent as well as city, birth year and last 4 digits of social. Googlehas removed the request for social.

Work to be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Feb. 23 by Nora Volkow National Institutes of HealthDardo Tomasi of Brookhaven National Lab. What it says: Use of a cell phone on average showed about a 7 percent boost in sugar usage in the side of the head where the cellphone was. Several times less the activity than visual brain regions show during an engaging movie. What they did: Monitored 47 subjects over 50 minutes. One phone was off on one side of the head the other side had an active call. . Subjects used a Samsung Knack with a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 1 watt per kilogram (iPhone 4 has a SAR of 2) The sun's avaerage SAR is 5.

  • AT&T's brewing HSUPA-gate: the inside story
  • 4G phones on AT&T having upload issues - Engadget source says Essentially all handsets for AT&T (except iPhone 4) are required to handshake as 3GPP release 5 phones. Release 5 lacks support for HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access - with up-link speeds up to 5.76 Mbit/s.) source believes that the Release 6 certification may happen within a "month or two,"

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science

  • New Way to Check Out eBooks
  • Internet Archive (disclosure: I'm a board member) has joined with 150 US and Canada libraries to develop a cooperative collection of (mostly 20th-century) eBooks that library patrons can "borrow" on a laptop, an e-reader or a library computer while visiting a participating branch. Go to for more info. OverDrive Inc. released OverDrive Media Console for the iPad, a free app from Apple’s App Store. With the app, you can now borrow eBooks for reading on the go with a tablet.
  • and 150 libraries create 80,000 lendable ebook library
  • Both these services allow copies of digital books to be checked out by one person at a time and must be returned by a dues date.



"The future! Just shoot me now. I like computers, but stupid kids being obnoxious will leave me behind, as an old fashioned computer user.


"Hey TNT,

One of the most interesting aspects of the Amazon Prime Streaming announcement yesterday is that Netflix runs mostly on Amazon Web Services. What this means is that Netflix has stopped building its own server farms and is relying on Amazon to provide its computing infrastructure. This is a BIG DEAL for Amazon because although its web services are popular with start ups, not many large companies have taken the plunge. (Can you plunge into a cloud?). Anyhow, Netflix and Amazon have been working very closely to make this thing work, as it is proving that Amazon Web Services can indeed work for a big company using lots of bandwidth.

A good read:

Mark from Pasadena"

"I noticed this Tigo Facebook Phone sales booth at the Shoprite mall in Accra last weekend. I did a double-take because you guys have repeatedly reported that Facebook is not making a phone.

I don't know who the manufacturer of the handset is. The phone looks low-end by US and European standards. Tigo is one of the smaller mobile telcos in Ghana. I don't believe they offer 3G data service at all and this handset seems to only have GPRS for data. - Brian"



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