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Tech News Today
Episode 186

Tech News Today 186: Who Are Yooodle?

Is Craigslist a hive of scum and villainy? Lenovo's new laptops crush new Macbooks, the full scoop on Thunderbolt, and more.


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  • Lenovo flaunts ThinkPad with 30 hour battery life
  • $719 - $1329 available in March
  • T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520. All come with better power management (30% more battery life) and voice calling features, with the latter boosted by dual array microphones and keyboard noise-reduction technology. -- al share docking feature and battery. All SandyBridge. The highlight of the crop though is the T420s, which has a whopping battery life of 30 hours - achieved of course with an extended battery pack.
  • Classifieds Wars: Craigslist, Oodle Fight Over Safety
  • Oodle put out a report with classifieds research firm AIM Group this morning noting that 330 crimes, including 43 violent ones, were tied to interactions on Craigslist over the last year. Oodle called its rival a “cesspool of crime”

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Kickers and Weird Science




"Tom, Jason & (insert other host/guest(s) name here)

Regarding the company called LightSquared getting FCC approval to build out its 4G terrestrial and satellite based broadband service. This effort is a potentially major threat to the GPS service currently in use. This editorial in GPS World goes into detail, explaining the potential impact on GPS and the FCC fast tracking LightSquared's plan.

Basically, LightSquared's signal is broadcast in the portion of L Band (1525 MHz–1559 MHz) immediately adjacent to the 1559–1610 MHz band used by GPS and is about 1 billion times stronger than the GPS signal. Most affected would be high precision GNSS receivers which are the most susceptible to jamming. Please mention this on the show, I believe public awareness is minimal and much more scrutiny is required before this system is implemented.

- Daniel"

"This issue about in-app purchases brings up something that would maybe be helpful on an iPhone/iPod touch. How about different people having different user accounts? Then the kids could have the area they can play with the games you want and then if you enter a password you can access the financial/internet apps, etc. This would be nice for families with kids or even a couple that shares an iPad. Although I think improvements to the notifications system in iOS is a much more needed improvement, this would be a nice feature to add as well.

Dan Ficker St. Paul, MN"


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