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Tech News Today
Episode 187

Tech News Today 187: To Xoom or not to Xoom

Who's buying MySpace? Google spikes its search results, and zombies ATTACK!


Top Stories

  • Google search to reward high-quality sites
    • Google fellow Amit Singhal and principal engineer Matt Cutts announced yesterday that Google has tweaked their search algorithm to ensure that sites considered "high quality" rank higher than those deemed "low quality." High quality sites feature original information, such as research, in-depth reports, and thoughtful analysis, low value sites merely copy content, or "are just not very useful". Google says it is not incorporating data from the "personal blocklist" but it has compared the new algorithm's results and found them jiving.
  • Google to content farms: It's on
  • Finding more high-quality sites in search
  • Motorola Xoom rooted in two hours flat
    • Engadget reports Motorola Xoom owner and hacker Koush has succussfully installed a ClockworkMod recovery image and ROM Manager making the Xoom ready for custom builds of Android mere hours after its launch. But that doesn't make Xoom corp feel any better. Xoom corp is a money-transfer business that has filed a trademark suit in California Districtl court.
  • Motorola Sued Over Use of Xoom Name

Discussion Stories

Chinese company Huawei has published an open letter criticizing various allegations against the company, including supposed links with the Chinese military, financial support from the Chinese government and threats to US national security. Huawei USA chairman Ken Hu invited the US authorities to investigate Huawei and its security. -addressed these issues in UK by setting up a intelligence agency monitored testing center - US administration opposed Huawei's takeover of an insolvent Californian server company called 3Leaf --- In 2008 such anxieties forced it to abandon a $2.2 billion deal to acquire network equipment vendor 3Com.--- Huawei founder and chief executive Ren Zhengfei once served in the PLA Engineering Corps from 1974 to 1983, without rank.

  • Google Pulls VoiceMail App in Possible In-App Payment Move
    • GigaOm reports Google has pulled the PhoneFusion's Visual VoiceMail app from Android Market, for violating developer payment rules. PhoneFusion believes the app was targeted for not processing in-app payments through Google Checkout. PhoneFusion offers the app for free, but makes money through premium features like voicemail transcription, ad-free service and the ability to receive faxes through a dedicated number.
  • Twitterverse: 'King's Speech' will win Best Picture
    • A service called Tweetbeat has been collecting each and every Oscar-related tweet, and has released the winners. "The King's Speech" emerged as the clear winner with 31.4 % of mentions. Natalie Portman gets Best Actress with 54.5 percent of tweeters. And Colin Firth takes home Best Actor with 56.4 percent of Twitter love. Oops. Spoiler alert.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science

  • Get chased by zombies in Google Streetview!
    • Boing Boing points out Mike Lacher's "Streetview Zombie Apocalypse" is a great Google Streetview mashup: enter your location and then watch (and flee) as zombies converge upon you from all directions. I lasted 20 minutes without getting attacked, which proves I am a zombie.



"WP7 update worst update possible ever?” … really? You mean iPhone updates never caused update issues to phones? - Just one example to make my point im sure if you were to be honest youd find a ton of issues people have forgotten about.

Want another example I suffered through personally? How about iOS 4.0 update that caused my iPhone 3G to backup for something like … 10 hours I think? I recall it was terrible and was so slow that my phone was afterwards pretty much unusable.

But yeah, this MUST BE the worst update ever that hurt 10% of the phones and not even impacted all of those 10%. Shit happens, but don’t push to make us look THAT bad.

I will now await your apology on the next TNT recording J


Dmitry who wrote the TWiT WP7 app and an avid TNT fan"

"Hey TNT,

So, I thought Lightpeak/Thunderbolt was supposed to simplify matters. From what you said on the show 186, it sounds like there could be a shed load of different skews! I can see people buying the cheapest one, getting home and finding that it doesn't power their device, surely everything with the Lightpeak/Thunderbolt name should have the same capabilities.

Love the show.

English John from England"

"Hello Tom and Sarah, I question the requirement to return the Xoom for upgrade to LTE. Shouldn't the Xoom be backward compatible with the 3G system? Why isn't Motorola shipping a dual band unit? What happens if you are in a non LTE area with only 3G? Great show, keep up the good work.

Gary B."


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