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Tech News Today
Episode 191

Tech News Today 191: Undercover Cover Lover

WordPress under attack, Time Zone database calls it quits, iPads kill PC sales, and more.


Top Stories

Discussion Stories

  • Google Pimps Out Personal Profiles
    • photo in the top left corner, essential information about you below, while a scrapbook of photos and more detailed info about your occupation, employment, education and whereabouts dominates the biggest part of the page.
  • AT&T confirms iPhone hotspot feature support and pricing
    • AT&T customers must subscribe to the $25 data plan that gives them 2GB per month, plus the extra $20 tethering charge that gives them an extra 2GB. In all, that will make it $45 per month for 4GB of data plus hotspot sharing when the feature arrives in iOS 4.3.
  • AT&T adds new post-paid twist to iPad, tablet data plans
    • The new postpaid plan offers the same $15/250MB and $25/2GB options, only the charges will be added to your current AT&T monthly bill instead of being charged directly to your credit card. Users on the lower 250MB-per-month tier will still be charged an extra $15 for another 250MB. However, users on the 2GB per month plan that go over their allotment will be given an additional 1GB for the month for just $10—similar to the overage charges for AT&T's smartphone data plans.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Geez, Tom. I know the Apple smart cover (as they call it) is a little overpriced but doesn't feel like just a piece of cloth, to me at least. I own a case (which I only use when I go outside, to protect the screen) and then a Griffin Loop stand when I am in bed to prop up the ipad to use it to read and watch stuff. Apple's cover can do both for me now, hopefully. I am optimistic that it will but what's with all the yelling?

- Nitin"

"I have a theory about the ""cover, not a case"". Everyone thought it was strange when Apple announced the bumper case for the iPhone 4. The reason for that became clear when the antennae problem cropped up.

With the dual core processor and 9x faster graphics, I the iPad 2 likely gives off a lot more heat. I bet covering the back with a traditional case creates an overheating problem. So having just a cover for only the front (which even puts the device in sleep mode when used) may be meant to avoid heat issues.

Mark Heil"


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