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Tech News Today
Episode 192

Tech News Today 192: Border Gateway Patrol


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  • Web Video Rivalry Sparks U.S. Probe
  • Report: DOJ investigates Web video group
    • Wall Street Journal reports the DOJ is looking into whether the actions of patent licensing group MPEG LA are stifling a Google video encoding technology called VP8 -The question that regulators apparently are interested in is whether MPEG LA is essentially quashing VP8. MPEG LA says it's neutral, offering patent pools for the convenience of those who want to implement the technology without the hassle of negotiating license agreements with multiple patent holders.
  • Libya removes itself from the net
  • Not-so-great Firewall of Libya Is Switched on
    • Libya blocked Internet traffic -- and then quickly restored it -- two weeks ago. That time they merely removed themselves from the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). This time they've erected a firewall. Allowing some computer's (perhaps a certain colonel's) to be allowed access while all others are blocked. Putting up a countrywide firewall is a relatively simple thing for Gadhafi's government because the nation's Internet connections have a single choke point, the state-owned Libya Telecom & Technology (LTT).

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Kickers and Weird Science



"Hey TNT crew

Here's a story from yesterday in the UK: O2 (one of the big mobile networks over here) has begun filtering traffic on it's network to block supposedly over 18 content, which kicked up a bit of a Twitter storm (search #o2fail). The filter not only blocks sex education charities but there's been quite a few reports of personal blogs being blocked too. Plus O2 are making customers pay to unblock their service. This unfortunately seems to have been ignored by quite a few news outlets, perhaps because Vodafone and T-Mobile (O2's main competitors) already do it. I think it's a very bad step down the anti-net neutrality road, and one that could easily be fixed by making the filter opt-in, not opt-out.

Love the show, keep it up :)

Ali (aka fortythieves in the chatroom)"


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