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Tech News Today
Episode 193

Tech News Today 193: An Eclair In My Pocket

France hit by major cyberattack, Google remotely kills Android malware, Facebook commenting alternative, and more.


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  • Judge OKs subpoenas for PS3 hacker's accounts
  • Judge allows Sony to see IPs of those visiting PS3 jailbreak site
  • Sony wins subpoenas revealing visitors to PS3 jailbreaker site
    • Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero of San Francisco awarded Sony a subpoena allowing IP address of everyone who has visited since January 2009 and logs from -- From YouTube The subpoena demands data to identify who watched the video and “documents reproducing all records or usernames and IP addresses that have posted or published comments in response to the video.” Other subpoenas give Sony access to Twitter, demanding the disclosure of all of Hotz’s tweets, and “documents sufficient to identify all names, addresses, and telephone numbers associated with the Twitter account., and information about his account on the PSX-Scene website. Why? 1. to prove distribution of the file. 2. To Justify the suit in Northern California.

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Kickers and Weird Science




"Regarding Windows Phone update issues -- Look, what do you know... the manufacturer having trouble with a phone update is Samsung. At least it sounds like they are not having as huge of a problem as they did with the android updates. I blame Samsung and will not buy another smart phone from them again. An the other hand, now that I have rooted the phone and flashed the bionix ROM, the phone is great... except for the GPS which because of hardware is not always great...


"I have a friend who used to pirate because he didn't have the money to buy the item. He later graduated college, got a good job, and then went back and bought most of what he pirated. This gave me an idea that maybe most pirating is done by the poor. If this is the case couldn't RIAA et al. start a charitable organization that would 'pay for' pirated work. Then they could count the loss of a pirated work as a tax write-off. This is especially beneficial because they could write of $100,000 for every $20 work. This may be a business model in itself...

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