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Tech News Today
Episode 194

Tech News Today 194: iPad 2 Or Hernia

Sprint to merge with T-Mobile, Facebook takes on Netflix, Microsoft hints at Xbox 360 successors, and more.


Top Stories

  • Sprint, Deutsche Telekom Said to Discuss T-Mobile USA Merger
    • Bloomberg reports Deutsche Telekom AG has held talks to sell its T-Mobile USA unit to Sprint Nextel Corp. in exchange f or a major stake in the combined entity. Talks centering around valuation of T-Mobile, that seems to be what's holding up the deal. Analysts say DT is selling from a weak market position.
  • T-Mobile's new data plans detailed, launching March 13th
    • Meanwhile T-Mobile's getting pricier. T-Mo will be offering a monthly 200MB plan for $29.99 (up $5), 5GB for $49.99 (up $10), and a new 10GB choice for $79.99. 20 percent discounts if you also have T-Mobile voice, which bring the cheapest plan down to a more tangible $23.99, 5GB to $39.99, and 10GB to $63.99.
  • [Facebook Could ‘Become a Credible Threat to Netflix,’ Says Goldman Sachs
    • Warner Bros. Beginning test with "The Dark Knight" Pay with Facebook credits. Costs 30 credits (about $3) to rent the movie. You have 48 hours to watch. Goldman Sachs analyst Ingrid Chung: "Facebook’s foray into pay-per-view does not impact our Netflix estimates," she said in a report. "However, Facebook represents a new potential entrant that few in the investment community were concerned with prior to this announcement, so we believe it does indeed represent an incremental negative for Netflix shares."
  • Facebook Fears Hammer Netflix Stock
    • Netflix dropped 4% in early Tuesday trading
  • Microsoft job posting hints at Xbox 360 successor
    • seeking a hardware engineer in its Interactive Entertainment Business division. The posting indicates that Microsoft wants to hire "a graphics hardware architect" for the company's Xbox Console Architecture group, which its posting claims is "responsible for defining and delivering next-generation console architectures from conception through implementation."

Discussion Stories

  • Supreme Court Deciding Whether Congress May Copyright Public Domain Works
    • Some copyrighted works had become public domain in the US but were still copyrighted overseas. In 1994 Congress took action to move those works back under copyright protection. The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether Congress may take works out of the public domain and grant them copyright status.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Hey TNT Crew,

Love the show. Regarding the O2 over 18 content filter, discussed in TNT 192, there seems to have been some miss understanding. I am an iphone customer tech support advisor for O2 and have taken a large number of calls regarding this issue. The 18+ filter has been a service for several years and the filter service database thingy basically died last week and as a result, all those who may have already verified their age will have been prompted to do it again when they go onto a site.

Yes customers are asked to make a one off £1 credit card payment, as under 18's cannot own a credit card. Once this payment is made, on the customer's next bill, a credit of £2.50 will appear, this means that customers are making a profit for verifying their age.

Customers without a credit card can also visit an O2 store with photo ID or call customer services - both of which are free services.

All that said, I agree that it should be opt in.

Love the whole TWiT network, please keep up the good work.


Fred from the UK"

"Sup TNT Troop,

Just in case you're interested in an ""insider's"" view on how Apple is affecting the storage market.

As I found myself lusting over Apple's newly announced hardware, I was interrupted by a frighteningly-titled Outlook invite. ""Emergency Dept. Announcement - Changing Market Environment.""

I work for Xyratex (ZY-ra-tex), recently announced the ""World’s Largest Supplier of OEM Storage Systems"" for the second year running. The company's storage division's strategy is dependent on a well established, ongoing 10% demand growth per annum. The decreased demand for notebooks (and in turn, 2.5"" HDD storage) is being attributed to tablet sales (and per the email, the iPad specifically).

We were advised NOT to speculate on an outcome as ""this trend may not continue."" They have, however, frozen all pay increases and hires.

Funny thing is...I use an iPad to increase productivity at work. Oh, the irony.

Thanks for the show, you make my drives home fun!




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