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Tech News Today
Episode 195

Tech News Today 195: Those Darn Thieving Glassblowers

A 64GB iPhone 4, Verifone and Square faceoff, Kinect sets a world record, and more.



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Kickers and Weird Science

  • Bill Gates No Longer World's Richest Man Thanks to Philanthropic Work
    • Last year, Gates gave away $28 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, leaving him with ""only"" $49 billion.If he hadn't, his $88 billion net worth would have topped the current richest man in the world, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim and his $60 billion- Forbes annual ranking




"Dear TNT crew,

Two days in a row, you have shined the cheese-shaped beacon in the sky, calling for my help. I am late to answer, not because of my country's proverbial laziness, but because I was busy consulting with mimes in paved streets with cars from the 50s and accordion players in the background.

So here you go: Ep 193: How do you say "don't open attachments" in French? "N'ouvrez pas les pièces jointes!" (noo-vray pa lay pee-ayss joo-ant). Thank you in advance for conveying that important message to the world. Ep 194: Does "Disruptive Telephony" have anything to do with France?

The site owner is apparently ""Dan York"". No one with York in their name could have any amount of French in them.

Additionally, the site looks like it was designed in 1998, which is way too advanced technology for French web designers.

You're welcome.

-- Patrick Beja"

"Over the last couple of weeks, I have heard from numerous friends that they have received calls from a Microsoft Technician responding to a fault they reported by pressing the ""send to Microsoft or report to microsoft"" button after a crash?

They then took them through this supposed fault finding tour of their computers pulling up fault logs etc .. Of course the end result is ""do you have a credit card"" and are offered protection for $190 per year. I told them not to give their credit card details nor visit any site they may ask you to go to during the calls, in fact I recommend they just hang up or say their Mummy is not home. The upshot is I received a call within days of my friends from a charming Indian fellow, he explained he was a Microsoft Technician and had reports from my windows os that there were issues, I explained to him that could be right, the biggest issue is I use Mac OS, immediately the phone was disconnected. These people know your name and seem to be using a database from somewhere.

Great show guy's, I teach computing to Adult Learning here in Aldinga Beach South Australia and myself and our clients listen as often as we can.

Good work.




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