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Tech News Today
Episode 196

Tech News Today 196: Compatible With Honeywell Display Unit Phase 3

Chrome survives pwn2own and the reason why, AOL lays off 900, WiFi aircraft interference overhyped, and more.



Can now report issue to friends as well as moderators. Facebook has also revamped its safety centre, simplifying the language and improving its guides for adults and young people. Changes unveiled at White House anti-bullying conference.

  • pwn2own day one: Safari, IE8 fall, Chrome unchallenged
  • Day 1,Safari 5.0.3 on fully-patched Mac OS X 10.6.6: French security vendor VUPEN pwned it in 5 seconds. Took two weeks to assemble the exploit ---2-bit Internet Explorer 8 on 64-bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1 pwned by Stephen Fewer of Harmony security. Took six weeks to assemble. Chrome attacker did not show! Browser versions were frozen a week ago in order to wint he hardware, but to get the money, the exploit has to work on the newest version too. full details of the pwn2own attacks, including the bypass techniques, won't be published until vendors have issued patches.

Discussion Stories

International Shareholder Services recommends not supporting HP's newly-nominated board members. Say rules were not followed since Apotheker participated in the nomination process. ------Vote happens Wednesday March 23. ISS points out some extra-familiarity Apotheker has with four of the nominated directors--he's on an advisory board of Senequier's company, and the two are both board members of Schneider Electric; and counted Whitman, Russo, and Reiner as customers while he was chief executive at SAP. ISS says that is not necessarily in shareholders' best interests since these directors, if elected, will essentially be Apotheker's bosses.

  • 'Trojanized' version of Google Android security tool found in China Someone appears to have taken the ""Android Market Security Tool"" used to clean up the devices infected with the malware, repackaged it and inserted code in it that seems to be able to send SMS messages if instructed by a command-and-control server. This "trojanized" package was found on an unregulated third-party Chinese marketplace
  • Wi-Fi 'proven' to interfere with aircraft
  • During certification for AirCell's GoGo Wireless, it was discovered WiFi could interfere with Honeywell Phase 3 display units - three specific part numbers could be affected. The display panels returned within an acceptable period of time. Elevated power levels were used during testing. Boeing is suspending installation of these systems while it works to rectify the issue. - On a Boeing Business Jet fitted with in-flight connectivity, for instance, there is a note in the log book that says Phase 3 DUs are not to be installed, but that "version 4 is fine and version 2 is fine", says a source.
  • Honeywell says that, during recent ground testing "at elevated power levels", the company observed a momentary blanking on the 'flat panel' liquid crystal displays that it developed and pioneered for Boeing. The screens reappeared well within Boeing's specified recovery time frame. The screens have not blanked in flight and are not a safety of flight issue. Honeywell is working to ensure the problem is addressed and fixed and that our technology will continue to exceed specifications, says Honeywell.
  • Panasonic partner AeroMobile's eXPhone in-flight mobile connectivity solution, which was made linefit offerable on certain Boeing types, is not being installed until the Honeywell issue has been addressed. As such, customers of eXPhone are not receiving aircraft with eXPhone as planned. Customers of eXPhone include Emirates, Turkish Airlines and V Australia.
  • Aircell releases GoGo tech roadmap: EV-DO Rev B in 2012, global satellite coverage by 2015

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science

The Ad Astra Rocket Company, headed by Dr Franklin Chang Díaz. has already built an experimental prototype version of its Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR). The VASIMR works by squirting stuff out of its exhaust just as a normal rocket does: the difference is that it does so much more violently, hurling its argon reaction mass out as a plasma hot as the interior of the Sun and moving at better than 50 kilometres per second.

Small but sustained propulsion makes it ideal for long-term trips (get to mars in 39 days) or for the maneuvering rockets on ISS> But it looks like NASA won't send it to ISS but instead another platform.




"Hey TNT gang!

I just wanted to get your thoughts on AT&T's pricing on the hotspot feature for the iPhone. I'm being told I have to drop my Unlimited plan to add the tethering fee. I think I see VZW in my future...

Josh Johnson Greenville, SC"

"Morning TNT,

I woke up this morning to iOS4.3 ready for download on iTunes. After the update I dove into the setting and low and behold there was the new WiFi hotspot setting ready to be turned on.....but wait, what's this? Yep, it's free for us lowly Rogers subscribers.

So while Rogers like beating us over the head with low bandwidth caps and bends us over to take the ridiculously high price plans, at least they don't want to try the double dipping on the iPhone data plans.


David Redding"

"Hey TNT Crew,

The other day you were talking about the top Facebook apps and were surprised Windows Live Messenger was number 2. This is because you can talk to people on Facebook chat from within Windows Live Messenger 2011 (the most popular IM client on the planet I believe) and the Hotmail website. For this to work, it installs the Windows Live Messenger app on your Facebook.

The actual app isn’t designed to be accessed from within Facebook, it just has to be installed so Windows Live Messenger can access all your Facebook friends, combine them with your Hotmail/Messenger contacts if appropriate and then you can Facebook chat with them directly from the client. It’s very neat as the Facebook chat interface is quite horrible really.

So that explains that I think .




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