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Tech News Today
Episode 200

Tech News Today 200: Poof I'm An Analyst

Apple stocks tumble, IE 9 Firefox and White House all agree on privacy, but etsy not so much, a Zune Lover, and more.


Top Stories

  • Netflix going up against cable with original series deal
    • Netflix has allegedly outbid a number of major cable networks for a new drama series produced by and starring Kevin Spacey called House of Cards, and may be about to close a deal at more than $100 million, according to a report on The rumour also says the deal is for two seasons
  • Google Docs plugs into email, turns 'comments' into 'discussions'
  • Google Turns Word Comments, A Necessary Office Evil, Into Discussions
    • Comments have been converted into what Google is calling Discussions. And these discussions are comparable to the streams in so many social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, complete with the Twitter-like convention of “@ mentions” (A sample comment is pictured) but they’re also linked to email, so you can participate in the discussion without having sign into Google Docs. You can also tell who made a comment and when, as it includes timestamps, profile pictures and email notifications make it easy to keep track of the feedback process.

Discussion Stories

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"I love my Zune! If the Win7 phones were just like the Zune I'd have one. It's beautiful, it's simple and I can listen to you while sending you an email without turning on my desktop or paying for a data plan.

Granted I'm a freak... I don't have a data plan for my Android. $10/month on Virgin and wifi is usually enough for me.

I do wish more people could build Zune apps. They all work well but there just aren't so many of them.


"Hello everyone, Regarding the discussion about piracy in countries like Russia and Mexico, I'd like to say that the situation is the same in the middle east, I've been living in Syria for a few years now, and the primary means for piracy here are physical discs. You can get any movie on DVD for as low as 25 cents, Video games are between USD1 and USD3 (that's right, single digits!!). So considering the average income of a high-school/college kid is between USD100 & USD200, is it really a choice? You can see that reflected on the sales of things like the PS3, where it sky-rocketed after a jailbreak was available.

p.s. Tom, after your constant ""encouragement"", I finally started watching The Wire, and I'm glad I did!

Wish a speedy recovery for Sarah, and thanks for a great show.

Al the Iraqi doctor. Damascus."

"Dear TNT Crew,

Gee has it really been #100 episodes since I wrote in last? Where has the time flown.

I was listening to TNT #199 and HP's decision to do it's own ""App Store"". Previously I scoffed at App Stores since I didn't really see the point of them. This was of course until I discovered the ""Google Web Store"". It has seduced me and chased away all my skepticism over App Stores. (The highlight for me is: Once I purchase an ""app"" I can use it on any computer running Chrome. No matter where in the world I am.)

So call me a convert because when I hear HP is creating an ""App Store"" I think of how this could benefit HP users.

Congrats on episode #200. Looking forward to the next #200 (Though I will write in again before then I am sure.)

Best of luck, Chris in Portland, Oregon"




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