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Tech News Today
Episode 201

Tech News Today 201: The Neutrality Knight

Paywalls up, New York Times, Is Android really faster than IOS? What we really should worry about regarding Japan, and more.



  • New York Times Paywall Launches Today In Canada; Globally March 28
  • Apple Gets Its First Big Publisher: New York Times Subscriptions Will Be Sold Through iTunes
    • Subscriptions start at $15 a month -- print subscribers (including subscribers to IHT) get everything as part of their subscription (sign up at non-payers get 20 articles free per month on Web-- links from blogs and search engines will work even if you're over your 20. (5 per day l;imit from Google, so game the paywall by using Bing) -- Top news remains free in app - subsections require subscription. Front pages of alls ections free on .com. $15/month gets you smartphone, $20/month gets you tablet, $35 a month gets you both apps. .com available in all plans. Print subscription in my zip code is minimum $14.80 (for M-F delivery) at 50% off the first 6 months. (so goes up to $29.60 a month and still gives me all access.
  • Major spam network silenced mid-campaign
    • At 15:30 GMT on 16 March, a network of spam-producing computers, known as Rustock, suddenly stopped. Rustock accounted for as much as 47.5 percent of all spam. "Such an action suggests that anti-spam activists have succeeded in executing possibly the largest botnet takedown in the history of the internet." -Security blogger Bryan Krebs. In the past, as Krebs describes, botmasters have been able to use emergency measures built into the software to regain control

Symantec said, the "increase from other botnets means that so far, the takedown of Rustock hasn't had much noticeable effect on the overall amount of spam.

  • Android 50% Faster than iPhone on the Web
    • website analysis firm Blaze took 45,000 website measurements using an iPhone 4 and a Nexus S. The study measured load time on the sites of a thousand Fortune 1000 companies (that is, every company's site in the Fortune 1000) over WiFi, and says that the Nexus S running Android 2.3 loaded the sites faster 84 percent of the time. The median load time for the iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3 was 3.254 seconds, while the Nexus S's median load time was 2.144 seconds. Blaze used its own iOS app, which Apple points out does not make use of any JavaScript performance increases that came with iOS 4.3. Mobile sites were another story. One hundred seventy-five out of the 1,000 test sites had a mobile equivalent—the iPhone was able to load those sites in a median time of 2.085 seconds, with the Nexus S loading them in 2.024 seconds.
  • Study comparing Android to iPhone Web browsing speed flawed

Discussion Stories

  • Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good
  • Power line connected to help cool Japanese reactor
  • Great resource for IAEA updates
  • Japan: Bird's-eye view of Fukushima nuclear power plant (video)
  • Scientist who studied nuclear worst-case scenarios talks about Fukushima worst-case scenario
    • Radiation levels at Nos 3 and 4 have been recorded as running at between 3 and 4 millisieverts/hour. Japanese regulators have now raised the permitted dose that site workers can sustain from the incident before being withdrawn from 100 millsieverts to 250. There is a risk of radiation sickness after sustaining a dose of 1,000 millisieverts, climbing to 50 per cent at 2,000. Most sufferers with lower doses recover but at 4,000 millisievert the death rate has climbed to 50 per cent. There is no indication that anyone at Fukushima will be permitted to get even close to 1,000 however. Readings at the plant gates had dropped from 0.7 millisievert/hour to 0.3 over the previous 12 hours: workers would be able to endure such levels for months if required, as these hourly doses are equivalent to those sustained by everyone on Earth from background radiation every few weeks. In summary it is looking more and more probable that the death and injury toll from the Fukushima quake strike will be limited to the one worker killed in a crane accident and others hurt by the quake and subsequent explosions at the site, perhaps with some very minimal long-term radiation effects among site workers. All being well, nobody else will have their health damaged in any way, and prospects are good that most or all of the current evacuation zone will be re-opened in a reasonable amount of time.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



(no link provided)

  • J.D. Cartee: impressions of Time Warner iPad App from a cord cutter


"Today March 17, HTC producer of phones and tablets are opening their very first ""Concept Store"" in Europe.

HTC chose to place it in the center of the Danish capital Copenhagen (perhaps the Danes also love HTC)

Danish PR regurgitation:

Danish interview (with moving pictures) with Account Director HTC Europe Peter Frølund :,lid.14884/

Location of store:,+K%C3%B8benhavn,+Danmark&aq=0&sll=55.693403,12.583046&sspn=0.183442,0.54245&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=K%C3%B8bmagergade,+K%C3%B8benhavn,+Denmark&ll=55.690165,12.535057&spn=0.091728,0.402031&z=12

-- @HateBadDesign"

"Hey Tom and Sarah,

I was wondering what your thoughts were on the ridiculous scalper/reseller issue across the country in regards to the iPad 2. I have gotten in line at my local Apple store the last four days, by 6:30am, in hopes of getting an iPad 2. Each time I show up, I see the same people in the front of the line and a ringleader handing out a bunch of $100 bills to their ""workforce."" And this is in NH, the stories coming from NY have been 10x worse. It seems as there is little hope for many of us finding an iPad 2 that actually want to use it and not resell it on eBay or overseas. As much as I want an iPad 2, it seems I will be waiting until my online order gets filled at the end of April.

Thanks and keep up the great work with TNT!

-- Sincerely, Kevin Larrabee, CSCS"

"Hey TnT crew, was listening to episode 199, during the episode you mentioned that google is collecting data from mobile photos. Today I read that google is now asking volunteers to enter this data into a database.

I'm planning on volunteering as soon as I get off work, but it's nice to find that there are actions we could take to help people in Japan. Also, I find it interesting that google, a company famous for automating everything, is asking for volunteers. I think this definitely shows that algorithm/tech can only do so much.

Love the show! TK"




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