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Tech News Today
Episode 203

Tech News Today 203: A Lot Of T's And Also A

What the ATT-T-Mobile merger really means, what's causing MacBook Pros to go black, Steal Zynga gold, go to jail, and more.



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"TNT Team:

Darren suggested that bits is bits and I understand that argument. However I think this argument is a bit to simplified. AT&T’s costs for normal non-tethered plans takes into account that a phone can process and transmit a certain amount of data. They then plan their infrastructure investments based of this, thus charge more for tethering plans because PC’s don’t have the same performance profile and can process/transmit data at a greater rate. This requires more investment from an AT&T perspective. I’m not justifying them but I think we need to understand this part of the argument.

Russell Johnson in Austin, TX"

"Hi Folks:

I'm a dedicated Twit, and was so excited to have a daily show to enjoy! I keep seeing things here in Tokyo that would be great to send you, but it's been a bit busy of late. when things calm down I'll get you some photos and video.

Thanks so much for your TokyoHackerSpace mention on the New Fuze. Here's an update with the tech projects we're working on:

anyway, thanks again, and we'll keep you updated.



Twitter: Terrintokyo"

"I am a pilot in the United States Navy who is preparing to be deployed to the USS George Washington and be stationed overseas in Japan for the next three years. While the USO does a wonderful job of providing care packages for troops and sailors deployed throughout the world, what it does not do is keep service members supplied with information. I won't have regular access to your live broadcasts, or enough band width to download the shows while deployed.

I am wondering if there are any of your listeners that would like to help a service member directly and wouldn't mind periodically burning your podcasts to a CD and then mailing them out to me while I am deployed. I am certainly willing to work with that individual to defer any costs.

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide and keep up the good work.

Very respectfully, LCDR Adam Klein Strike-Fighter Squadron 102"


GoToAssist Express


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