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Tech News Today
Episode 204

Tech News Today 204: There's An App Store For That

CTIA CEOs get catty, Steve Jobs goes to court, Sprint goes 3D, and more.



  • CTIA opening round table: Mostly talk about spectrum, with a few jabs
    • AT&T Wirless's President Ralph De la Vega said his company's interest in T-Mobile is all about spectrum and expanding coverage of 4G LTE services. (to which Sprint's Hesse quipped “I thought you (AT&T) and T-Mobile already had 4G,”)Verizon Wireless's CEO Dan Mead: "The underlying issue is about having a sound spectrum policy," he said. "We think there is a tremendous amount of competition in the market." Sprint CEO Dane Hesse: "My opinion doesn't matter," he said. "That's for the FCC and DOJ to decide." (afterwards he told reporters Sprint will file its concerns to Congress during the review.) --Sprint pays more to handset makers than any other carrier to subsidize the hottest phones. "We can afford to do a lot of things," Hesse said. "There's no question that subsidies will increase as devices get more powerful. But the good thing for us is that in smartphones there is higher ARPU [average revenue per user] The lack of available spectrum was also something that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski emphasized during his speech at CTIA right before the keynote panel. Genachowski noted that the FCC is currently working to free about 500MHz of wireless spectrum to be primarily used for wireless broadband in the next decade--a key recommendation that came out of the National Broadband report.
  • Sprint, Verizon Diverge in Reaction to AT&T-T-Mobile Deal
  • Sprint CEO Plans Appeal to Congress to Halt AT&T-T-Mobile Deal
  • FCC Chairman Declines to Comment on AT&T-T-Mobile Deal, Talks Spectrum

Discussion Stories

  • Merger, Schmerger; T-Mobile Introduces new Devices at CTIA
  • T-Mobile G2x from LG hands-on (video)
    • This could be a collector's item the Nokia Astound, with the soon-to-be-deprecated Symbian OS for the soon-to-be-sold T-Mobile coming April 6th for $80. T-Mobile announces the T-Mobile G2x - pretty much identical to its sibling, the LG Optimus 2X t but plain FroYo. Also different in that it supports HSPA+
  • Here Come the First T-Mobile 42 Mbps Cities, Devices
    • T-Mobile with its network expansion plans for 2011. Today, the company announced the first three cities that will see 42 Mbps HSPA+ mobile broadband service: New York, Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida. This trio will be soon joined by Chicago and areas surrounding New York City area including Long Island and Northern New Jersey.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Hello TNT Crew,

This is regarding the story about AT&T sending notices to those who use unauthorized tethering methods. There have been many posts in Macrumors and from people who received the notice but claim they never tethered. Their data usage is high because of Pandora and Netflix streaming on their iPhone over 3G. When these people called AT&T to inquire, the Customer Service Rep said streaming on the iPhone itself is considered tethering! This goes against the definition of tethering, and it's ridiculous how AT&T is handling this. And now with their plan to merge with T-Mobile, I'm afraid AT&T will continue to strong-arm their customers more towards less services for more money. I'm depressed now, and it's only Monday.

The only thing to cheer me up is watching TNT everyday. At least until Comcast decides to lower their bandwidth caps. Sigh, there I go again.

Love the show! Tristan in Elgin, IL"




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