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Tech News Today
Episode 208

Tech News Today 208: No iPhone 5 For You

Why is Dorsey back at Twitter? Where did Ev go? No iPhone 5 this summer, Java founder joins Google, and more.



  • Java founder James Gosling joins Google
    • Gosling created the original design of Java and implemented its original compiler and virtual machine. Left Sun after the acquisition by Oracle. Has referred to Larry Ellison as LPOD (larry prince of darkness). Gosling is critical of Android fragmentation saying they violated the write once run anywhere principle of Java.
  • The Defense Calls Its First Witness: James Gosling, “Father of Java”
  • Will he help Google against Oracle in the lawsuit? In the Oracle v Google spat, he said, there are "no guiltless parties with white hats in this little drama. This skirmish isn't much about patents or principles or programming languages. The suit is far more about ego, money, and power."
  • Java daddy borged by Google

Discussion Stories

  • Comodo hacker outs himself, claims "no relation to Iranian Cyber Army"
  • Iranian hacker claims he hacked the SSL certificates stolen from Comodo,, claims no association with the "Iranian Cyber Army" -- He claims to have cracked passwords from and, found RSA too hard tbut disassembled DLL's on these sites and found crack, plain text username and password used as part of the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) submission process, allowing him to submit any CSR he wished to be signed by Comodo and instantly retrieve the signed certificate. post some of the source from TrustDLL.dll to pastebin, including the parts used for authentication that stored the unencrypted password.
  • American Express enters the 'payment 2.0' fray
  • American Express Launches All-New Digital Payments Platform to Attack PayPal’s Bread and Butter
  • Google one step closer to mobile payments
    • American Express unveiled a new business called Serve, will let consumers make purchases, take cash withdrawals from ATMs and make person-to-person payments from their computer or their phone."Works wherever AmEx is taken. What Dan Schulman, Group President, Enterprise Growth , said he wasn’t interested in experimenting with yet was NFC, which allows users to waive their phone at the register to pay. The technology is still in its infancy. “That’s incredibly uninteresting…That’s a form factor shift, not a value proposition change,” he said. “The distinction between online and offline is going to blur and become moot as you go out three to five years from now.” Meanwhile The Wall Street Journal reports that Google will allow people with debit and credit cards from MasterCard and Citigroup to turn on an app and pay for a purchase from their smartphones. At no point would they need to take those cards out of their wallets to make a purchase. Google is planning to pay for "thousands" of installations of near-field communication systems (NFC) around New York City and San Francisco as part of a test.
  • Radioactive Water Found In Two Reactor Buildings
    • Radiation levels at the surface of the water in Unit 2's turbine building were measured on March 26 and 27. - ISA says the dosage would be 1,000 millisieverts per hour at the surface of the water in the turbine building of Unit 2. --All isotopes found in the water have half-lives measured in hours or days, with the exception of cesium-137.-- NISA said that it is possible the water came in contact with the fuel rods in the reactors but it isn't clear how that would happen.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Hi TNT,

In show 207, you mentioned that Google may keep all your receipt data. Just recently I was wishing for this exact thing.

As a family, we try to stay on a budget and this would be wonderful for categorizing. For, example my wife tries to categorize purchases from Walmart, and it's a wide range of items and it's very difficult to accurately categorize. I would love to know that I spent $500 on toilet paper in the last five years.

Maybe then we'd go back to single ply :-)

Thanks, love the show.

Regards, Daryl Sensenig"


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