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Tech News Today
Episode 211

Tech News Today 211: The Quick And The Dead Bar

Samsung's false positive, Amazon and label negotiations for Cloud Player, $30 VOD movies, and more.


Top Stories

Amazon negotiating for Cloud Player music licensing deals after all?

    • Wall Street Journal sources say Amazon's actually negotiating deals with the four major labels right now --hoping to close within weeks. Amazon is not confirming
    • may be moving to a Sony's Music Unlimited model that scans your library for matches to songs it's licensed?
  • Music industry will force licenses on Amazon Cloud Player—or else
  • Apple Global Marcom VP Allison Johnson Leaving Company
    • VP of worldwide marketing communications at Apple since 2005 reported directly to Steve Jobs. came from HP
    • Joining former FB PR exec Brandee Barker at new comm/marketing firm
    • barker already has Groupon and Quora as clients"

Discussion Stories

  • Microsoft complains to EU about Google
    • Google is deliberately restricting growth of Microsoft services
    • Google says it's not surprised, will happily explain itself
    • The EC has the power to impose fines up to 10% of global earnings as penalty for anti-competitive practices

  • Controversial Quickbar killed from Twitter iPhone app
    • tweet from CEO Dick Costolo points to blog: ""we will frequently experiment by trying new things, adding new features, and being bold in the product decisions we make. After testing a feature and evaluating its merits, if we learn it doesn’t improve the user experience or serve our mission, we’ll remove that feature."""
    • Quickbar introduced, fixed placement, people angry
    • Twitter changed it so it wasn't fixed, people angry
    • Jack Dorsey rejoins, Quickbar dead, people not angry"

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Most of my entire extended family is from the Kansas City, (MO) area, and I live nearby, so I know quite a lot about the area. The entire metro area over the KS/MO border, ""the greater Kansas City Metro area"" has about 2 million people in it, but as you mentioned, KCK (Kansas City, Kansas) only has about 150,000 in it.

Kansas City, Kansas formed in 1868 and incorporated in October 1872. The Kansas-Missouri border area became the first battlefield in the conflict over slavery and southern secession that led to the American Civil War.

This is why the town went from one big town, to a divided two different towns. Missouri wanted to be a part of the south, and Kansas did not. In a nutshell.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

""Keep on, keepin' on.""

-- Mike Mathia (MATH-EYE-UH)"

"Hi all!

I just wanted to clarify a point that has been tossed around on a couple of episodes of TNT. Tom mentioned and how they were sued out of existence, then someone emailed in correcting this. is the website Tom was referring to, not was started back in the late 90's or so and recognized your CDs. This site was sued out of existence, but the founder Michael Robertson then went on to found Just wanted to clear up the confusion. Great job!

Tan Homsi Mendon, Ma"



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