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Tech News Today
Episode 212

Tech News Today 212: The More Things Change

The fate of the .xxx domain, New way to legally download movies, Muni WiFi under attack again, and more.


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  • Verizon says Net neutrality is overhyped
  • Seeking changes to the DMCA
    • But those strict legal restrictions should stay in effect, entertainment industry lobbyists said Friday, when they urged the U.S. Copyright Office to avoid making any changes to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. "Computer security experts have asked the Copyright Office to alter the DMCA to protect their research. Edward Felten, a professor of computer science at Princeton University, said Friday that he and graduate student J. Alex Halderman uncovered the Sony problem a month before the news about it broke in November--but feared a lawsuit under Section 1201 of the DMCA if they disclosed it without the record label's authorization."

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Keep posting your voicemails at, Ev Williams and those guys do a great job, we love Odeo. Although we are hearing about a service called TalkShoe that is supposed to launch next month that would allow you to call us directly! We'll keep an eye out for it.


"A new article appears on ZDnet, which points towards a new swedish study that say that cellphone may actually increase brain tumors by 240% on the side the cell is actually used on. The article can be found here..

now.. is this the conclusive study we've been looking for? i don't know, i think more researches has to follow the same approach in order to verify the results. I personally might have already racked in a good 500hours on a cellphone myself, does that mean i have a 50% more chance of getting cancer now?.. that's just greatttt..

~D.T.O. (Dan From T.O.)"


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