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Tech News Today
Episode 214

Tech News Today 214: Poke The Prez

House votes down net neutrality, Anonymous attacks Sony folks IRL, Cheap mind control for your limbs, and more.



---By a vote of 241 to 178, the House of Representatives adopted a one-page resolution of disapprovel that says, simply, the regulations adopted by the Federal Communications Commission on December 21 ""shall have no force or effect.""

  • Anonymous Splinter Group Targeting Sony Employees
    • Anonymous offshoot called ""SonyRecon""
    • Gather personal data about individuals working at Sony like names, phone #s, addresses
    • Attacks include prank Skype calls, shipments of empty UPS boxes
    • Worse: Ads in erotic services section of Craigslist, asking for positive HIV results to be delivered.
    • Message board: Gunning for Sony CEO Howard Stringer and Family"

Discussion Stories

  • Verizon iPhone 4 owners report fewer dropped calls than AT&T
    • Apple's iPhone 4 on the AT&T network are more than twice as likely to report dropped calls than Verizon customers - according to Market Research firm ChangeWave. The 4,068 respondents showed that 4.8 percent of AT&T iPhone 4 owners experienced a dropped call on their handset over the past 90 days, compared with 1.8 percent of Verizon subscribers.--Verizon customers were slightly more satisfied, with 82 percent choosing "very satisfied," compared to 80 percent of AT&T iPhone 4 users.
  • Windows Phone 7 update tool frees users from carrier tyranny
    • Get the update
    • On Saturday, Microsoft released the Windows Phone 7 Support Tool, which is designed to re-flash phones with corrupt firmware or that are otherwise having problems with the update process. It downloads the necessary firmware files and flashes to the phone. The Support Tool won't update the firmware to a newer version. Developer Chris Walsh wrote a program called ChevronWP7.Updater which works around that so you can put the newest version on the phone and bypass carrier restrictions. Apparently has issues with Samsung Focuses, whihc have to be hard reset with the original support tool for the Chevron tool to work.
  • Wozniak: Tablet is the PC for 'normal people'
    • During a keynote session at Storage Networking World in Santa Clara, California, Wozniak was asked how tablets would change the computer industry. He compared them to TVs. "The tablet is not necessarily for the people in this room," Wozniak told the audience of enterprise storage engineers. "It's for the normal people in the world."

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Hi TNT,

I saw online that people were buying that .69 glee album to get the upgrade to 20gb so I thought I would try it. My Debit card was recently deactivated and I am awaiting a new one but tried to purchase the album with the old card I had on file forgetting that card was no longer good. I quickly received an email saying that the payment didn't go through, but then was surprised to find a e-mail a minute later that said my cloud storage had been upgraded to 20gb for doing this purchase even though I ended up not being able to actually process it. I thought this odd so I logged out and then back in and there it was my 20gb of storage for free.

P.S. I work for helpdesk that works with the ebuy system that was mentioned in the show previously with the who Google and DOJ and the Microsoft thing

Jack Kaiser Lockheed Martin"



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