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Tech News Today
Episode 217

Tech News Today 217: Unefficiensizing Your Data

Best Buy seems to lie a lot, Sarah Lane ousts Wozs, TJ Maxx hacker claims gov't made him do it, and more.


Top Stories

Discussion Stories

  • Flash use dips at top Web sites since November
  • No BlackBerry PlayBook Yet? Blame Flash
    • 2% drop in Flash usage from Nov 15, 2010 to Mar 29, 2011, 49% to 47%
    • HTTP Archive surveyed the top 17,000 sites
    • Obvious culprit is Apple's anti-Flash stance on iOS
    • Betw. Nov and Dec 2010, Flash usage rose to 50%
    • Wired speculates that Flash may be delaying the Playbook
    • Cites Moto Xoom flash issue
    • Honeycomb version of Flash is a prerelease
  • T.J.Maxx hacker says feds gave him the OK
    • Albert Gonzalez, the hacker who pleaded guilty to leading one of the largest cases of credit card theft in the U.S., is asking a judge to toss out the pleas, arguing that they were part of his assignments as a paid government informant. Gonzalez became a confidential informant for the Secret Service when he was arrested in New York in 2003 after withdrawing cash from ATMs using stolen card numbers. While working closely with agents for more than four years to put other carders behind bars, he was simultaneously running a criminal enterprise he dubbed “Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” according to court documents.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"Hello TNT people -

Will left a voicemail about the Makerbot ABS plastics, and how they wouldn't be very durable and have a low melting point, compared to something like Nylon - this isn't completely true. While you're not going to be replacing a piston in your car's engine with something off of a makerbot, the ABS plastics used have a melting point of around 220C, which is actually very close to nylon, and the ABS plastic is decently tough, it's similar to the plastic you'd find in a Lego piece. Again, it's not titanium, but is durable enough for many uses. --- Brian from CT"

"Hey TNT Crew, Just a quick response to yesterday's call from Will: Shapeways and competitive businesses make 3D printing available in many materials, including a stainless steel/bronze mixture) for affordable prices. You don't need your own machine and the resolution on their printers is really high. I do t think we'll see guns coming out quite yet, but it isn't far off.

I'm interested to see where the copyright battles go.

Love the show,

Jeffrey Matthias (Muh-thigh-us) "



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