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Tech News Today
Episode 218

Tech News Today 218: Scan My Zebra

GeoHotz settles but Anonymous doesn't, Zebras become scannable, Navy blows things up with lasers, and more.


Top Stories

  • George Hotz, Sony quietly settle PS3 jailbreak lawsuit
    • SCEA and George Hotz reached an ""agreement in principle"" on March 31.
    • Hotz agreed to a ban on publishing code but avoids having to admit any wrongdoing.
    • Hotz's jurisdictional issue is still in the air, odds are it will be done with the settlement.

  • New Intel chip heading to tablets
  • Intel targets tablets with Atom 'Oak Trail'
    • Shipping 45-nanometer Atom Z670 processor (AKA Oak Trail) to 35 tablet designs from companies including Fujitsu, Lenovo, Evolve III, Motion Computing, Razer, and Viliv. Oak Trail prefers Android, MeeGo and Windows, can support 1080p video decode, faster browsing, HDMI support, longer battery life, home theater sound.---- Intel will also give a sneak peek at Cedar Trail at the Intel Developer's Forum in Beijing Tuesday and Wednesday. Should support Blu-Ray 2.0 and have better power performance.
  • Adobe moves to subscription model with Creative Suite 5.5
  • Adobe Announces Photoshop Touch SDK, iPad Apps
    • Adobe CS 5.5, subscription pricing, pay per month, 1 year commitment nec for pricing
    • Apps now at 5.5 are Indesign, Dreamwaver, Flash, Premier Pro, AE, Audition, Media Encoder
    • .5 updates expected every year
    • PS = $35/month (normally $699), Design Premium Suite ($1,899 retail) for $95 per month, and CS 5.5 Master Collection ($2,599 retail) for US$129 per month.
    • Money spent on subscriptions can go toward a full purchase at the end of the year, so the increased flexibility is definitely welcome.
    • iPad apps extend Photoshop, also Adobe opens up Photoshop Touch SDK so other devs can make new apps to work with PS

Discussion Stories

  • US Navy Close To On-Ship Laser Cannons
    • laser fired a 15-kilowatt beam at an inflatable motorboat a mile away as both ships moved through the sea
    • Previous tests from land, this is from sea
    • “This is an important data point, but I still want the Megawatt death ray.” - Rear Admiral Nevin Carr
  • BigDoor Seeks to be the AdSense of Gamification
  • Real Rewards: For virtual achievements
    • BigDoor: Co-Founder and CEO Keith Smith calls it the equivalent of Google’s AdSense for gamification. Example: A quest over the weekend gave visitors a chance to interact with the new Universal Pictures comedy, “Your Highness,” starring Natalie Portman. In the quests, visitors must interact with the advertiser’s content in order to earn points. A quest is competed after 11 clicks. Points can be typically redeemed for virtual badges (i.e. bragging rights), but in UGO’s case, it is sending out real patches that they hope will become collector’s items. Kiip: Real life rewards for playing mobile games. Things like discounts, free items, etc.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"HI TNT guys, This is Rodrigo from Puebla, Mexico I was listening to your show where Sarah gave the news about government holding your laptop for a more-than-ideal long time and that people should put their data on the cloud. Well, I think she described a perfect use for Google OS laptops. You will be giving government an empty case and you won’t lose any information. I bet they won’t even bother on taking those kind of laptops… or maybe they could continue been intrusive and also ask for your Google id and password. Love the show Rodrigo Irigoyen"


In the last episode a voice mail from Zack (one of your viewer) expressed the implications that may result from the use of a deduplication scheme on the Amazon cloud. Specifically how deduplication of music files amounts as serving the same files multiple times and how that would makes any storage limitation artificial.

It occurred to me that if Amazon sells watermarked mp3 files these files would probably not get dedulicated automatically. But that just shows how difficult it is to apply real world constraints to digital and cloud based medias.

I love your show. Keep up the good work.

Alexandre Jasmin"



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