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Tech News Today
Episode 219

Tech News Today 219: The Flip Has Flopped

BitTorrent breaks TOR security, Cisco drops Flip, say hello to IE10, dial a phone with your mind, and more.


Top Stories

  • Not anonymous: attack reveals BitTorrent users on Tor network
  • Tor Background
    • TOR network has been compromised
    • Used by BitTorrenters to hide IP address
    • Over 10k users' IP addresses identified
  • Tor establishes circuits of three nodes to pass traffic across; the actual operation is quite complex."To execute an attack on this system, the French researchers set up a number of malicious Tor exit nodes and some honeypot BitTorrent clients running on researcher machines. When one of the malicious exit nodes sees an attempted connection to a BitTorrent tracker, it intercepts the response and adds the IP address of one of the honeypot clients under researcher control. The user's BitTorrent client then attempts to make a data connection directly to the honeypot without using Tor, thus revealing the user's IP address to the honeypot." -- Leader of Tor Project Roger Dingledine advised that users can protect themselves right now if they stop using BitTorrent over Tor.
  • The Guy Who Says He Owns 50% Of Facebook Just Filed A Boatload Of New Evidence -- And It's Breathtaking
  • A little more scannable article with the email quotes
  • A few different email quotes from Wired
  • DLA Piper (Ceglia's Law Firm)
  • Winklevii Undaunted, Plan to Seek New Hearing
    • Paul Ceglia is back filing a revised complaint against Mark Zuckerberg n U.S. District Court in Buffalo, N.Y
    • Ceglia argument: 2004 Zuck misappropriated the assets of their gen partnership- - FB response: lies!
    • Ceglia has d convinced massive law firm DLA Piper to take him on as a client, lending him credibility. DLA Piper asserts the emails are real.
    • Purported emails are published.
  • Ceglia said he hired Zuckerberg through a Craigslist ad to write code for a project called StreetFax and paid Zuckerberg $1,000 for coding work; he also allegedly invested $1,000 in Zuckerberg's The Face Book project, which gave him a 50 percent interest in the company as well as an additional 1 percent interest for every day after January 1, 2004, that The Face Book was delayed.
  • This is a fraudulent lawsuit brought by a convicted felon, and we look forward to defending it in court. From the outset, we’ve said that this scam artist’s claims are ridiculous and this newest complaint is no better,” said Orin Snyder of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, a law firm representing Facebook.
  • Ceglia’s attempt to get half of Facebook — a company now estimated to be worth somewhere between $55 and $85 billion — also faces the difficult problem of the doctrine of laches. That’s a legal principle that says if a person sleeps on their rights, it’s unfair for them to show up later and demand everything
  • Microsoft debuts IE10, announces PDC 2011 dates
  • Download IE 10 yourself
  • Windows 8 to feature an integrated App Store
    • CNBeta posted screenshots of Windows App Store from Win 8 early build
    • "Windows App Store" is the name in the title bar
    • Looks like a Win Explorer Window
    • Screenshot seen last month on Waybeta, CNBeta showing off Chinese version
  • MIX11 conference kicked off today in Las Vegas, with Dean Hachamovitch's opening keynote. Hachamovitch is a Microsoft corporate vice president - Debuted IE10 platform preview along with Steve Sinofsky
    • IE 10 video, shown running on ARM
    • CSS3 & HTML5 support, Download avail. today --- About three weeks into development --- new previews will come every 8-12 weeks.
  • "Hardware support isn't just a yes or no checkbox," he told developers. Applications supporting HTML5 and hardware acceleration "feel and run more like native applications," he emphasized.

Discussion Stories

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"Hi TnT Folks,

I love the fact that you guys also cover more scientifically oriented stories like the one about StripeSpotter, a piece of software developed for use in computer-assisted individual animal identification which is a big help to ecologists. I was curious and so read the original paper published in the International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (link below). To answer Sarah's question, the authors say that this technique can apply not just to zebras but any animal with ""prominent morphological characteristics like stripes or large patches"". Examples include giraffes, tigers as well as antelopes called kudu.

Link to paper:

The show keeps getting better and better! Ayaz is a welcome addition to the team. Nitin"

"Hi folks

Your discussion on yesterday's show about people playing games, or even watching ads for some sort of reward was fun for me to listen to. While it may seem odd that such things can act as reinforcers, it should be remembered that a reinforcer is any event which makes behaviour more likely. For example, we may think of say a rat being given a food pellet (the reinforcer) after a bar press (behaviour) as a typical situation, or say giving your dog a treat when he does something good. But, look at that definition, in my classes I can say clearly that tests reinforce studying behaviour, so the tests themselves are reinforcers.

Even more oddly, kids will work for meaningless star stickers on schoolwork, or I will play xBox games (partially anyway) for useless 'achievements'. The xBox achievement system was developed (partially) by a guy I know, John Hopson, who has a PhD in experimental psychology from Duke. (He also did some killer work on animal timing but that is neither here nor there...).

Tom is correct, as long as something activates that mesolimbic dopamine system, you will do it again, and again and again until you go blind....

OK, back to marking neuropsych papers...




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