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Tech News Today
Episode 220

Tech News Today 220: Pinch To Sexy Zoom

Does Steve Jobs hate Eric Schmidt?, iPhone supply chain indicates delay, Libyan rebels roll their own cell network, and more.



Discussion Stories

  • What To Make Of The Wisdom Of Crowds: Motorola Tops Brand Survey
    • Harris Interactive EquiTrend Poll of Top Mobile Brands in US
    • Mobile Brand of the Year"" goes to Motorola
    • Moto "satisfies a much wider audience [than Apple]."
    • 2. HTC, 3. Sony Ericsson, 4. Nokia, 5. Apple
    • poll conducted over 2 weeks in January, sample size: 25,099, US consumers age 15 and older
    • Covered all mobile phones, not just smartphones
  1. Enlist the support of wealthy neighbors like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to buy the very expensive machinery needed to build a wireless telecommunications network.
  2. Transport the equipment along with engineers and bodyguards through Egypt to the Libyan border. Try not to get caught.
  3. Steal a bunch of phone numbers from Libyan General Telecommunications Agency, the existing network run by Qaddafi's son.
  4. Plug the new equipment into Qaddafi's network, route it around Tripoli.
  5. Hit up the U.A.E. for a satellite feed, take the new ""Free Libyana"" network online and start thinking about pricing plans.

  • NZL Govt Rushes Thru Controversial Anti-Piracy Law
  • Guilty until proven innocent: New Zealand rushes ahead with P2P bill
  • Berners-Lee: Web Access Is a 'Human Right'
    • NZ is rushing to put a 3-strikes anti-piracy law into effect.
    • It's called ""The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amdendment Bill
    • A person could be disconnected from the Internet for up to 6 months, based on infringement claims form © holders.
    • ISPs req'd to send warning letters at © holder request
    • Similar laws in UK and France
  • "Tim Berners-Lee (WWW creator) at MIT symposium:
    • "Access to the Web is now a human right," he said. "It's possible to live without the Web. It's not possible to live without water. But if you've got water, then the difference between somebody who is connected to the Web and is part of the information society, and someone who (is not) is growing bigger and bigger."

"Hi TNT gang,

I just thought I would inform you about some developments in the Netherlands regarding (illegal) downloading.

To keep it short the Dutch government is drafting legislation to make the downloading of films and music illegal, which is legal right now. There is a lot of discussion about it. If you care to know more about it I wrote a somewhat lengthy description of the events below and some of my own opinions at the end.

Maybe it is interesting to see this topic from a different perspective.

Keep up the good work at the show and I’ll keep listening!

Best Regards,

Randy Semeleer Rotterdam The Netherlands"

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science




"I was watching Tech News Today episode 219 and thought about something missing from the discussion on how Bing got it's numbers.

Besides the points that were mentioned in the show, I believe the default search engine for Internet Explorer is Bing. At least it seams to be that way in my copy of Windows 7... which I use infrequently enough it's almost a fresh default install.

Just as Windows has high numbers because it's what comes with most PCs when you just buy a PC, and Internet Explorer comes with a copy of Windows giving it a high share as the default ""browser"", the fact that Bing is the default search engine in IE likely contributes significantly to the number of searches made through Bing.

The average person who doesn't know what an OS is, doesn't know what a web browser is, and doesn't care that there is more than one search engine, and will just use what is in front of them is a very large group of people. The average person probably just wants to find something and doesn't care what search engine finds it for them.

-- ~Daniel Friesen (Dantman, Nadir-Seen-Fire"

"Hi guys, A couple of episodes ago, you talked about Adobe's new subscription plan for their Creative Suite software. Iyaz commented that it was a great idea as the subscription fee would go toward the purchase price for the software, so in essence it was a rent-to-own model.

I was intrigued by that comment, so I went to the Adobe website to find out more. Sadly, it's not true. The new subscription model is just that: you pay a monthly fee to access whatever Adobe software you're renting. You stop paying the monthly fee, you lose access to the software.

The fee does not go towards purchasing the software, so (for example), even if you paid $1300 in monthly fees for the Design Premium subscription, you don't own the software. You have to keep on paying the monthly fee to access the software, or pay the full purchase price of $1300 to own the license.

I for one am very disappointed, as I was really looking forward to upgrading my aging Adobe CS3 software. Thanks a lot Iyaz for raising my hopes :-P



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