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Tech News Today
Episode 221

Tech News Today 221: You Can Learn A Lot From A Squirrel

The PlayBook is killing RIM, YouTube uses a squirrel to teach copyright, Apple TV coming this year, and more.



  • DoJ, FBI set up command-and-control servers, take down botnet
    • It's hard to combat botnets, because the good guys have no more right to run unauthorized software on users' machines than the bad guys. A federal judge has authorized the non-profit Internet Systems Consortium, working in conjunction with the FBI, to go beyond taking down the command-and-control servers: the ISC has installed its own command-and-control servers. The command the servers are sending? Shut down the botnet malware. The servers were swapped out on Tuesday evening, and the kill command was duly sent. It does not remove the malicious software. IP addresses for infected computers will be sent to ISP's who can inform their users and provide instructions on using Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool to remove the Coreflood malware.

Discussion Stories

  • PC Market shrinks for the first time in 6 quarters
  • Gartner: tablet hype fueling worldwide dip in PC sales
  • First PC market contraction in 1.5 years. IDC says it shrunk 3.2 % Gartner 1.1 % In the US it was more pronounced IDC -10% Gartner -6%. Asia grew IDC +5.6% and Gartner +4.1%. Gartner's Mikako Kitagawa (she) pointed to iPad 2. Bob O'Donnell from IDC blamed the consumer market being "complex". Also pointed out that PCs last longer these days and new PC's aren't revolutionary.
    • Worldwide (IDC/Gartner) HP 15.2/14.8, Dell 10.3/10 Acer 9/10.9 Lenovo 8.2/8.2 Toshiba 4.8/4.8. US (IDC/Gartner) HP 4.3/4.2 Dell 3.7/3.6 Toshiba 1.6/1.7 Apple 1.4/1.5 Acer 1.3/1.8
  • Copyright Outlaws Will Now Get Schooled By YouTube’s Animated Squirrel
  • TV broadcasters ask CRTC to look at regulating Netflix
  • If we receive a copyright notification for one of your videos, you’ll now be required to attend “YouTube Copyright School,” which involves watching a copyright tutorial and passing a quiz to show that you’ve paid attention and understood the content before uploading more content to YouTube. So, today we’ll begin removing copyright strikes from user’s accounts in certain limited circumstances, contingent upon the successful completion of YouTube Copyright School, as well as a solid demonstrated record of good behavior over time. Expiration of strikes is not guaranteed.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



And thanks to Frank for sending along this from Clare Curran, MP for New Zealand's Labour party: The government's bottom line was to have termination in the Bill. Ours was to not support it. The compromise position was to leave it in but require the Minister to put what's called an Order In Council into effect to switch it on. This is very unlikely to happen. The onus is now on the creative industries to prove there is a case to terminate access and that the notice system is not working. Rather than oppose it outright, we preferred to compromise to ensure New Zealanders are not denied access to the internet.

Account suspension remains in the bill and could theoretically be used in the future, but any Minister who implements termination will have to wear the consequences. It won't be a Labour Minister. Evidence before the select committee strongly indicated that sales of music and movies on the internet were going up, not down, and that the industry remains viable and strong, if needing to change the way it distributes material.




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