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Tech News Today
Episode 231

Tech News Today 231: Microsoft Madness

Microsoft beats the crap out of earnings estimates, iOS leapfrogs Android, and how to shut down any Facebook group.



  • Q&A #1 for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Services
  • PlayStation Network Hack: Who Did It?
  • PS3 Hacker George Hotz Denies He’s Behind the PSN Breach
  • Hackers run up debt for PlayStation user
  • Sony Faces Lawsuit, Regulators' Scrutiny Over PlayStation Breach
  • "The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken. The personal data table, which is a separate data set, was not encrypted"
    • Spokesmen for Wells Fargo & Co., American Express Co. and MasterCard Inc. said they were monitoring cardholder accounts and hadn't seen unauthorized activity relating to Sony. A coming update will prompt you to change your password when you log back into the PlayStation Network.
    • Sony hopes to have PSN up and running again on May 3.
    • Sony is moving network infrastructure and data center to a new more secure location..
    • Tom received his warning email at 3:45 this morning.
  • Ars Technica points out a couple hints that this could have been an inside job. A reference to physical barriers to the non-encrypted data and the note about moving to a more secure location.
    • Kevin Poulsen from Wired suggests likely culprits, believes a for-profit thief the most likely.
    • Attorneys General in the US, Officials in Ireland, UK step up demands for information.

"Subject: PSN Victim

I'll keep it short

Credit card stolen and in the hands of a crazy Canuck. $1600 fraudulent charges, $250 of that at 7/11 WTF!

-sachmo jones"

Discussion Stories

  • Facebook shoots first, ignores questions later; account lock-out attack works
  • Anyone Can Take Down Facebook Pages with a Fake Email Address
  • Facebook Copyright Policy
    • FB taking down FB pages for copyright violations
    • ArsTechnica, Neowin, Redmond Pie all had FB pages taken down
    • Ars claims no prior notice before take down, just a form letter, no real details" "- To take down a site, fill out FB form
    • ReadWriteWeb says FB doesn't' verify ID of submitter or Email
    • Process to get rid of the complaint is to contact the complaining party directly
    • Hamard Dar's Rewriting Technology: says he was targeted for money. "He wanted me to pay get the page back"
    • One person's workaround:
      • 1. submit a claim against yourself.
      • 2. Once it's taken down, ask Facebook for support in migrating your fans to a new page.
      • 3. When the migration is complete, you can use the new page safely.
      • 4. If anyone ever reports the page again, you can use your first complaint as proof that the page is yours

  • Why We Need An Open Wireless Movement - Peter Eckersley call to action
    • But WiFi networks (especially modern 802.11N networks) turn out to make inherently much more efficient use of spectrum than systems of widely spaced cell phone towers. This results from a property of wireless protocols called area spectral efficiency: basically, if your data only has to travel to a nearby router, the same frequency range can be used for someone else's data around the corner or across the street. In contrast, if your data needs to travel all the way to a cell tower, nobody else in between can use that same portion of spectrum. The best solution to this problem is to have WiFi routers which make it very easy to share a certain amount of bandwidth via an open network, but simultaneously provide an encrypted WPA2 network that gets priority over the open network. Some modern routers already support multiple networks like this, but we need a very simple, single-click or default setting to get the prioritization right. There is currently no WiFi protocol that allows anybody to join the network, while using link-layer encryption to prevent each network member from eavesdropping on the others. But such a protocol should exist. There are some technical details to work through, but they are manageable.
  • Gripe About the Cable Guys if You Want, but They’re Having a Very Nice Quarter
    • Today’s snapshot, via three earnings reports:
      • Discovery Communications: Revenue up 9 percent, profits up 20 percent.
      • Viacom: Revenue up 20 percent, profits up 47 percent.
      • Time Warner Cable: Revenue up 5 percent, profits up 50 percent. Time Warner lost a half percent of its TV subs, but added 208,000 subs for the quarter because of increases in broadband and voice

News Fuse




"Hey TNT crew,

I t looks like Yahoo Mail is suffering from some sort of outage. I’m sure you are probably well aware of this already, but I thought I’d sent you a note in case you weren’t. According to down right now it looks like it’s been down for a few hours . What is going on that is causing so many major outages in such a short span of time? Looking forward to hearing more about this on today’s show. Keep up the good work!


Jorge Ordonez"

"Hey TNT team, Everytime you talk Piracy you get me all fired up, but after yesterday I had to write in.

Tom said he didn't think is was true Hollywood was laying people off and "Hollywood is making more money."

Ok, Hollywood isn't exactly laying people off. Actually, the total number of movies being released each year has slowly been rising. However, Hollywood isn't exactly making more money either. This is a much more complex problem.

Ticket Gross has increased but so has ticket Price. Theater Attendance has actually dropped since it's peak in 2002.* Movie Budgets have also risen with studios trying to make more big 'Event' movies. This means fewer people are spending more money to see a select portion of films, so while a few films have huge grosses more end up severely under preforming. This gets more complicated when you break out how the gross pays out, but in actuality a lot of films don't even break even until they hit DVD. Some never do, and falling sales/rentals don't help.**

To stay relevant to Tom's comments we end up in a long conversation about runaway productions, residuals to pay for workers health and pension, and the state of the post-production end of the industry. That shortage in cash hits a lot of places.

What this comes down to is a complex problem that was simplified into a not so effective video :(

Eva S - a 'Hollywood' Visual Effects Artist (AngelMercury in chat)"

"Subject: Instagram geolocation, misinformation?

Can't you just tap that little map icon on the left, so it stops being colourful, to remove the geotag?

—Jenna / @Bluebie"



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