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Tech News Today
Episode 234

Tech News Today 234: Conservation of Judicial Idiocy

Judge determines IP addresses are not people, PC rental store spies on renters, NVIDIA forces Mac users to use PCs, and more!



  • BlackBerry will integrate Bing and Bing Maps on BlackBerry phones at the OS level. Microsoft will begin pushing BlackBerry Enterprise Server. (Back in March Microsoft stopped chargin Exchange Online customers to sync with BlackBerry)
  • Asked to clarify the difference between being the "default" vs. "preferred" provider, the Microsoft spokeswoman said that Bing would be the default search and maps provider on new RIM devices when they are presented to carriers but that "the carrier can change the default," which means Bing is still preferred by RIM but customers will have other choices for mobile search.
  • PREVIOUS DEALS: It made peace with America Online, a one-time competitor in Internet access that also bought browser rival Netscape. It settled with RealNetworks, a company it once battle with in the emerging digital media business. Microsoft courted Yahoo, eventually striking a deal in which Yahoo replaced its search engine on its site with Microsoft's technology. And more recently, Nokia agreed to used Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile operating system instead of its own Symbian software.

Discussion Stories

  • PC rental store accused of using webcams, keyloggers on customers
    • A Wyoming couple is filing class-action lawsuit in the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania against rent-to-own chain Aaron's. The couple accuse Aaron's of spying on them at home using their rented computer's webcam as well as using a keylogger and taking screenshots of the couple's activities. "PC Rental Agent" installed and used to lock out folks who don't pay.
    • According to the complaint filed on Tuesday, Aaron's has been using a product called "PC Rental Agent" on its rent-to-own machines since at least 2007

Should Internet viewers count as a TV household? “We’ve been having conversations with clients,” said Pat McDonough, the senior vice president for insights and analysis at Nielsen. “That would be a big change for this industry, and we’d be doing it in consultation with clients if we do it.”

  • NVIDIA settlement forcing Windows replacements on Mac buyers
  • Order overruling objections to settlement
  • COURTS: Judge Ware reprimanded by his peers
    • Last year Nvidia came to a settlement in which it agreed that it would repair or replace computers that were affected by flaws, where some of its GPUs overheated and failed due to semiconductor packaging defects. NVidia could not repair some computers so offered a Compaq CQ-56 as a replacement. US District Court Judge James Ware overruled their objections, writing that they were "without merit".
    • Outlining the reasons for his ruling, Judge Ware wrote, "the [Compaq] CQ-56 meets or exceeds nearly all of the specifications of the original computers", adding that "it comes with an advanced operating system, new warranty and other programs". As for missing peripherals, Judge Ware said, "the Court finds that they can be easily and inexpensively added".

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"Didn't You know, 6.1 is the new 7?



John R. Perfect"

"Hi guys,

The use of twitter overtakes Canadian Election laws. The story below pretty much covers the whole story. But in a nutshell Canadian Election laws do not allow sharing of results from timezones where polls have closed and those in the west that have not.

Twitter and other social media will most likely cause a revamp of the law with simultaneous or delayed results being implemented.

Link: Tweet-the-results taken down during blackout period


"Hey TNT crew I am surprised Tom couldn't pronounce Abbottabad correctly. The city was named after a British Major Abbott. So it's pronunciation is simple: Abbott a baad (soft D)





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