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Tech News Today
Episode 239

Tech News Today 239: No Does Not Mean "Not Now"

Jump the Grand Canyon with a jetpack, all the Google news broken down, Facebook leaks data like a sieve, and more!


Top Stories

  • Music beta by Google
    • Listen to music on any device, stored in the cloud
    • Music Manager, program for windows and mac
    • Instant Mix, a Pandora function
    • Android music for tablet
    • cache recently played music
    • can select albums, playlists and artists to make offline
    • Roll out in stages, invitation only by US users
    • 20,000 songs in library, free while in beta
    • any android 2.2 device will work even while waiting invite" "-Movie rentals get a tab in Android market (rentals start at $1.99)
    • 24 hours to complete viewing
    • across devices
    • pin a movie to a device to store locally, for viewing offline
    • phone app to 2.2 phones in "a couple weeks"
  • Jamie Rosenberg, Google's director of digital content said that Google wanted to launch a music store at the same time as the Google Music service, but the company got hung up in negotiations with a couple of major labels

  • Google announces Accessory Development Kit and Android @ Home
    • Android Open Accessory - platform support for open accessories
      • open accessory reference design (ADK for android accessory development kit)
      • based on Arduino
      • No NDAs, no approval process, no fees
      • Android at home
      • Android at Home Framework, open wireless protocol
      • Home control
      • Partnering with Lighting Science - first LED lightbulbs
      • Project Tungsten, connects to speakers and home stereo system

Discussion Stories

  • “We’re irrepressible,” said Ballmer. “This Skype acquisition is completely consistent with our ambitious, forward-looking, irrepressible nature. Microsoft and Skype will bring together hundreds of millions — or as Tony said, billions! — of consumers and empower them to connect in new and interesting ways. It’s core to our mission, and it’s core to our technology direction.”
  • Microsoft stops tracking specific Windows Phones
    • Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law
    • Apple VP of Software Technology Guy ""Bud"" Tribble and Google Director of Public Policy Alan Davidson
    • Tribble repeated previous Apple statements about how the cell tower/wifi hotspot database is used. Emphasized that all apps must get user permission for location data, and emphasized Apple products do not track users.
    • Davidson stressed their tracking is opt-in and pointed out Apple has fixed the bug that prevented users form opting out
    • Jason Weinstein, the deputy assistant attorney general for the criminal division, advocated requiring mobile companies to collect and store info like IP addresses
    • Jessica Rich, deputy director of the FTC's bureau of consumer protection - A company should adopt a policy of ""not collecting or retaining more data than they need to provide a requested service or transaction,""
    • Separate from the hearing, Bruce Sewell, Apple's general counsel and senior vice president of legal and government affairs, the company addressed seven questions from Rep. Markey
    • Microsoft has stopped identifying specific Windows Phone handsets when it collects location data from them, and will soon stop any unique device identifiers at all being sent to its location services, the company said yesterday.
  • Facebook caught exposing millions of user credentials
  • Consumer Reports: Facebook has 7.5 million underage users
  • Facebook apps may be sharing more than you think
    • Symantec claims Facebook has leaked millions of users' photos, profiles, and other personal info because of a year-old bug
    • Apps use access tokens to peform certain actions on behalf of the user (like wall posts)
    • For years, many apps that rely on an older form of user authentication turned over these keys to third parties, giving them the ability to access information users specifically designated as off limits.
    • The Symantec researchers said Facebook has fixed the underlying bug, but they warned that tokens already exposed may still be widely accessible.
    • Facebook users can close this potential security hole by changing their passwords, which immediately revokes all previously issued keys.
    • Apps that use authentication that predates OAUTH leak access tokens in URLs that work indefinitely." "- About 7.5 million active Facebook users are lying about their age -- they're younger than 13. And among those preteens, more than 5 million are under 10, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"Greetings from Sweden again,

When the first news about problems at the PlayStation appeared, I didn't think much about, since I'm way too old for that sort of thing. Until I realized that without the PSN I can't watch Giants games via my son's PS3 on our home TV!

Of course I can still watch them on my iPad, which is nice, but that isn't the same thing. The first few days of the outage it didn't matter so much because the Giants were losing. But I really wanted to see those games the Rockies!

Just want to point out that there might be other repercussions of Sony's problems than those one might first think of.

Take care,

George Wood Radio Sweden"

"Hello Tom, Jason and crew,

This is a response to the emailer who wanted to stream podcasts at 2x rate. There is an app for the iPhone called Podcaster that can stream audio and video podcasts at 2x rate. I thought I would mention this so you can pass it on to listener.

Have a great show, Almerica (pronounced Al-Merica)."



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