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Tech News Today
Episode 24

Tech News Today 24: Taylor Lautner's Abs: Fair Use?

22-year-old jailed by Muvico; Apple PR spins iPhone reception, calls Job's "retire" email fake; your next video cable may be CAT6; child engineer becomes Spider-Man; and more.




  • Child engineer becomes Spider-Man
    • SCHOOLBOY Hibiki Kono climbs a sheer brick wall after turning himself into Spiderman - with the help of two £14.98 Tesco Value vacuum cleaners.
    • The Sun Article
  • Voicemail from Ryan: How could Apple not have known about the antenna issue?
  • Voicemail from Jeff: What's the big deal about the antenna issue?
  • Email from Joe: Blu-ray movie extras will be available for streaming services as well.
  • Email from Orsenfeld: BBC iPlayer setting the trend in the U.K.



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