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Tech News Today
Episode 240

Tech News Today 240: Heard of Google?

Google offers rent-a-Chrome, ATT logic shows less competition = lower prices, and is TwitPic stealing your photos? All that and more!


Top Stories

  • Google adding Chromebox mini-desktop to the Chrome OS mix
  • Google Chromebooks coming this June from Samsung and Acer
  • Google's blog post on Chromebooks
    • Samsung, Acer, Intel, Verizon
    • Samsung 12.1-inch display. All-day battery. WiFi and 3G options. Two colors. $429 wifi $499 3G.
    • Acer 11.6-inch screen. WiFI and 3G. $349 and up.
    • June 15. Amazon and Best Buy. Online ordering. 6 more countered France, UK, Netherlands, Spain Germany, Italy
    • Full jailbreaking mode.
    • Partnered with Citrix and VMWare
    • Chromebooks. available for businesses. Working on a Chrome Box as well.
    • Chromebooks for business (support, warranty, hardware updates) $28 per user.
    • Chromebooks for education. $20 per user for schools and government.
    • Business and education from Google June 15."
  • Chrome OS
    • Added camera support to ChromeOS
    • New file manager
    • New Media Player
    • Files can be associated with web services
    • Offline access of ChromeOS
    • Gmail, Calendar, Docs
    • All available this summer
  • Senate probes "unfixable" AT&T/T-Mobile deal
  • AT&T defends T-Mobile deal to U.S. Senate
    • Senate antitrust committee hearing is called “The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger: Is Humpty Dumpty Being Put Back Together Again?”
    • AT&T and Verizon could lock up handsets
    • Data roaming (sometimes refused by AT&T)
    • Special access issue. Every tower Sprint installs pays 30% to ATT or Verizon for landline backhaul.
    • ATT argued it would improve both networks and magically drive prices down."

Discussion Stories

  • Revised ‘Net Censorship Bill Requires Search Engines To Block Sites, Too
    • Get ready for the “PROTECT IP Act. Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property.”
    • First, it does provide a more limited definition of sites “dedicated to infringing activities.”
    • Copyright and trademark holders don’t have to badger the government into targeting sites under the new bill; they are allowed to seek court orders directly, though these orders would only apply to payment processors and advertising networks (not to ISPs or search engines).
    • The bill summary makes clear that ad networks and payment processors will be protected if they “voluntarily cease doing business with infringing websites, outside of any court ordered action."
    • COICA would have forced credit card companies like MasterCard and Visa to stop doing business with targeted sites, and it would have prevented ad networks from working with such sites. It also suggested a system of DNS blocking to make site nominally more difficult to access.
    • The PROTECT IP Act adds one more entity to this list: search engines.
  • TwitPic signs controversial deal with celebrity photo agency
  • Your photos? Not so according to many popular photo-sharing apps
  • As Twitpic signs a deal with a picture agency, Mobypicture hands control back
    • TWiTPic has contracted with WENN to sell right sto pictures from celebrities
    • Lloyd Beiny, CEO of WENN. The deal will give WENN exclusive rights to sell images posted on the TwitPic service.
    • There has been much unauthorised use of TwitPic images which we shall be addressing without delay. The belief by some that any photo posted on Twitter is available at no cost is completely wrong but now as result of this new arrangement, anyone wishing to publish celebrity photos posted on Twitter via TwitPic will be able to do so legitimately via WENN.
    • MobyPicture: “Content Ownership: All rights of uploaded content by our users remain the property of our users and can in no means be sold or used by Mobypicture or affiliated third party partners without consent from the user. This means Mobypicture will NEVER sell the rights to your shared photos and videos. Your content is yours!”
  • Post-Paywall, NYT Share Of Newspaper Web Traffic Drops
    • ComScore data shows that the NYT‘s share of newspaper website traffic was 10.6 percent last month, down from 13 percent in March and 13.5 percent in May 2010.
    • The newspaper site’s overall page views plunged 24 percent, while unique visitors were off 13 percent
    • Page views to newspaper websites in the U.S. fell 7 percent in April, while unique visitors dropped 0.3 percent.
  • Music labels to Google: We're counting on Apple
    • Neither Google nor Amazoncould deliver the same range of options that Apple will be able to offer with its upcoming cloud service, according to multiple music industry sources.
    • the hope in the music industry is that Apple's music service will make the competing offerings look shabby by comparison and force Amazon and Google to pay the licensing rates the labels are asking.
    • Lots of people at the four major labels, however, now hope the service launch at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference on June 7.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science


  • Department of justice oversight of Microsoft ends tomorrow May 12.


"Hello TNT crew, Hi Tom! Long time listener from BOL days

Yesterday you guys spoke about the Google announcements which they mention that the honeycomb update will be roll out to the Verzion Motorola zooms. I'm very excited to say that is not the case. I have the wifi only version. As I was about to leave the house yesterday around 8:30pm I pick up my xoom and saw a update waiting for me to download. Yes it was version 3.1 which brought few changes and improvements. Beside what was mention in the announcement there seem to be some bug fixes, the YouTube app now have the bottom to expand video the timeline bar,double tap to zoom works better and everything just seem to run a little bit faster . Don't know if this the case for everyone but hope it is.

Thanks guys, Love the show

Jerome From Brooklyn NY"

"Hey gang,

As a father of a 10 year old boy who is on Facebook, I can say that I have zero problems with it. And if Facebook was smart they would embrace their future power users. First off, I sat down with him and explained the internet security when it comes to Facebook. I've made sure that all of his settings are as private as possible. And I've even gone over this with his friends when they come over since most of his friends' parents don't listen to TNT everyday. Secondly, I monitor his Facebook traffic, making sure he knows who he is accepting friend requests from and ensuring there is no crap going on (ie Bullying). Some people disagree with the fact that I have his gmail account added to my iPhone mail to monitor his account. I think of it like a learner's permit: Once he learns of to drive the superhighway, I will stop monitoring but until then I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

Why do I let him use it? It is the best way for him to share photos and videos with his friends and family accross the country. He also has some friends on his Moguls race team that he doesn't see for 6 months of the year. Facebook lets them stay in touch.

Like I said, Facebook should be embracing these underage users since in a few years they will be their main users.

Cheers, Wayne Montreal, Canada"

"Hey TNT Crew,

This isn't in response to any particular story, but more in response to the almost daily stories about one or the other

Cloud services seems to be the latest trend, with Amazons Cloud Drive, Googles announcement yesterday of MusicBeta, and the rumored upcoming announcement from Apple of their iCloud. And then, while not really a Cloud service, you have NetFlix, Hula, YouTube, RDIO, Pandora, etc., and ever your own TWIT.TV, all pushing streaming Video & Audio.

And at the same time, we have all of the ISP's pushing back with Data Limits and Bandwidth Caps? How will these two conflicting items ever resolve themselves.

I'd like to hear Toms, Sarahs and the rest of the TNT Crews thought on this.


Jamie Beedy Chicago, Il"

"Last week on TWiT you guys had the story about ATT charging overages. I work for an ISP. I work with the legacy access account including DSL. We resell it through ATT. The real reason for the data caps:

AT&T oversold their (ATM) DSL products and customers have been complaining about varying speeds and latency during peak hours on specific CO and RT locations. It is also, as far as I know, West Coast. To fix the speed issues AT&T needs time. They need to obtain and install Redback routers at these oversaturated CO/RTs. You won't find that in the news because they have not announced it publicly. I have been hearing it from their techs for the last couple months.

I hope this helps.

BTW… I love TWiT. You make my commute informational and entertaining.

Thank you,

Aubrey Anthony"



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