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Tech News Today
Episode 241

Tech News Today 241: Scale Me, Baby

Why you need to know who Sheryl Sandberg is, How Android is open and closed at the same time, Paywalls are doomed, and more!


Top Stories

Discussion Stories

  • Why Facebook Needs Sheryl Sandberg
    • Businessweek profile of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of FB, job is to scale FB, it's grown from 66M users to 640M
    • Zuck thinks that FB can be an agent of change in China, Sandberg doesn't like the compromises necessary to be in China"
  • White House proposes cybersecurity legislation
  • White House Fact Sheet: Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal
    • law designed to force companies to do more to fend off cyberattacks
    • summary of proposal released, but full text not until later today
    • Plan would mandate disclosures of vulnerabilities
    • National Data Breach Reporting: 47 states have laws on this, WH's plan would standardize the method and manner of intrusion disclosures
    • Penalties for Computer Criminals: effectively updating laws that don't cover cyber crimes to cover them such as RICO, the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Would set mandatory minimums for cybe intrusions into critical infrastructure.
    • Proposal would include clarification of DHS authority to help victims of cyber attacks,
    • allow sharing of info (such as id'ing new viruses or threats) bet. private companies, state and local govts.
  • How Google controls Android: digging deep into the Skyhook filings
    • Google's leverage comes from the right to preload Google branded apps, like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and Android Market.
    • These apps are closed and the license forbids reverse engineering
    • For a specific device to get a license, it must pass the Android Compatibility Test Suite and meet the Android Compatibility Definition. Google reserves the right to change the CTS and ACD in any way it wants up the point a device is certified for launch.
    • Samsung's agreement requires them to only distribute Google-approved Android devices.
    • Motorola also told Skyhook that its carrier agreements require Google’s apps be preloaded on its phones
    • Skyhook devices would somehow contaminate Google’s location database
    • devices using Skyhook would not contribute to Google location database,
    • OEMs might continue to choose Skyhook over Google’s location service.
    • Google called a stop ship on Droid X until Skyhook was removed
    • Google caused a stop-ship on Galaxy S and also required a patch for already shipped phones that temporarily broke location

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"Greetings Tech News Today peeps!

Just a quick note, yesterday on TNT you were talking about a caller who had a 10 year old using Facebook. The reason Facebook doesn't allow users under 13, is due tot he Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) enacted in 1998. The act prohibits any website/service from collecting any information from children under 13 years of age.

Just a heads up. Thanks for keeping it real.


"BOL & TNT Crews,

WTH?? no, really, WTH??

On your respective shows on 11-May-2011 you both read the *exact* same email from Wayne in Montreal. This means Wayne is a form letter writer....or he is trying to save on Canadian ISP usage caps?

Anyway, I'll assume you both know how to listen to each other's feeds, so I bet you a MacAir(s) that I am not hallucinating.

Love the show(s), Phil in Auburn, AL"



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