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Tech News Today
Episode 242

Tech News Today 242: Kick In The Joystick

Osama bin Laden's sneakernet, patent trolls after in-app purchases, Carol Bartz on the outs? Amazon's new tablets?, and more!


Top Stories

  • LimeWire settles with RIAA for $105 million
    • Lime Wire founder Mark Gorton and his file-sharing company have agreed to compensate the four largest record labels by paying them $105 million.
    • RIAA once argued for $75 Trillion, an amount the court found absurd. But Gorton could hav been found liable for as much as 1.4 billion. (maximum under the law)
    • Gorton's assets include $100M in an IRA, his home in Manhattan valued at over $4M. Gorton also operates a hedge fund and a medical-software company." "We are pleased to have reached a large monetary settlement following the court's finding that both Lime Wire and its founder Mark Gorton are personally liable for copyright infringement," said Mitch Bainwol, chairman of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). "As the court heard during the last two weeks, Lime Wire wreaked enormous damage on the music community, helping contribute to thousands of lost jobs and fewer opportunities for aspiring artists."
  • Final Fantasy maker Square Enix hacked
    • "We immediately took the sites offline to assess how this had happened and what had been accessed, then took further measures to increase the security of these and all of our websites, before allowing the sites to go live again."
    • Email addresses of up to 25,000 customers and resumes of 350 Canadians have been stolen
    • The two sites, and both had the message "Owned by Chippy1337" as well as several other known hacker names, including Xero, XiX and Venuism

Discussion Stories

  • Yahoo shares sink on worries about Alibaba stake
  • Alibaba says Yahoo was told of Alipay deal in 2009
  • Yahoo Is Quietly Looking For Carol Bartz's Replacement
    • surprise disclosure by Yahoo on Tuesday that Alibaba had spun off its online payment service, Alipay.
    • caused investors to re-evaluate the value of Yahoo's 43 percent stake in Alibaba, one of China's most powerful Internet companies.
    • Some analysts believe Yahoo's Alibaba investment and a 35 percent stake in Yahoo Japan are worth $8 to $10 per share, accounting for about half of Yahoo's current market value.
    • Alibaba CEO Jack Ma also runs the company Alipay was spun off too
    • CEO Carol Bartz's contract with will end in about a year and a half, and Business Insider says everyone expects that she'll then be done.
    • One industry source tells BI that Yahoo doesn't want to oust Bartz without a replacement on deck. Thus, Yahoo's board has been quietly reaching out to people over the past several months
    • A person familiar with the board's thinking called BI to say "the board is fully supportive of Carol."
  • Rumor: Amazon has an "entire family" of Android devices coming this holiday
  • Ad-backed Kindle topping Amazon charts
  • Amazon has an “entire family” of Android devices that will launch this holiday shopping season. - an industry insider told' Taylor Wimberley- *Apps in Amazon app store imply smartphones as well as tablets
    • Digitimes reported that Amazon would use a Fringe Field Switching LCD display and touch panel from E Ink Holdings
    • Sources told Wimberly Amazon would be using a Pixel Qi display
    • sources tell me that Amazon has outsourced their software services to an embedded systems company that has experience with Android devices.
    • as given the impression that Google is actually working with Amazon on these devices, so it is possible that Amazon could ship their products in Q4 with Ice Cream Sandwich.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"Hey again,

Yeah....I did send it to both BOL and TNT. But it was unintentional. I wrote it first to BOL and saved it to send later but then listened to your podcast and decided to mail it to you guys instead. I thought I just deleted the draft to BOL....until I heard it read on their podcast too. My bad

That's ok though, I think it's an important topic that should be discussed by as many parents as possible.

I've listened to Tom since the ""Snakes on a Plane"" obsession back at BOL and was glad to hear there are still a lot of cross podcast listeners still out there.

Cheers, Wayne the Unintentional Spammer"

"Hey TNT crew -

In light of Google's Music Beta announcement, I wanted to pose a question to you guys about subscription music streaming services. What I'm wondering is - why are small startups like Rdio and MOG able to secure licensing from the record labels, yet the big guys like Amazon and Google can't? Spotify is struggling to come to the U.S. because they want to offer a free option, but I don't see why no large media company has been able to offer paid music subscriptions. Part of me wonders if these companies would be better off acquiring Rdio or MOG to get their hands on the licenses.

Just wanted to hear your thoughts - love the show!


Bennett from New Hampshire"

"Hey guys, Don't think I've heard mention of this on the show, but in the last few days, Netflix has completely quit working on a lot of people's PS3s. No longer does ignoring the PSN error do the trick. Sure, the movie choices still load, but you simple can't get them to play, no matter how many times you ignore the error. So, I'll tally another fail on Sony's scorecard and be thankful that I have a Mac Mini hooked up to the tv. I'm sorry for those out there who just got another kick in the joystick by Sony's insistence in forcing you to log into PSN to use services that you don't subscribe to through them.


Jeffrey Matthias (muh-thigh-us) Denver, CO"



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