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Tech News Today
Episode 243

Tech News Today 243: Ovi And Out

PSN is back but it comes with some headaches, RIM's recalling Playbooks, Loadsys speaks out on patents, and more!


Top Stories

  • PSN update now live across the U.S., go change your password now
  • Sony Resuming PlayStation Network, Qriocity Services
  • Sony PlayStation Network access begins to return
  • Play On – PSN Restoration Begins Now
  • Japan says no to PlayStation Network relaunch
  • Saturday, 5/14
    • Sony announced restoration of PSN after 26 days
    • Kazuo Hirai posted a near 5-minute video, announcing the following were being restored: PSN and Qrocity, online gaming for ps3 & psp, music unlimited, access to 3rd party services like hulu and netflix, friends' list, PS Home
    • New security features: all PSN customers - change PW. new PW only changeable on that PS3 or validated email.
    • Announces upgrades to security services
    • Reiterated ID theft protection, welcome back program, apologizes for duration of outage
  • Still Saturday 5/14
    • Restored service roll out to US
    • PS3 Firmware upgrade to 3.61 released
    • Password rules are extensive
    • pw must contain at LEAST 8 characters, must contain at least one letter and one number, must not contain a letter or a number used 3 or more times in a row, pw must not be the same as your sign-in ID or online ID, must be different from previous pw
  • 5/15
    • Restoration didn't go smoothly, heavy load of PW resets, had to turn off services for 30 minutes to clear queue
    • Service being restored in US, Europe, Australia, Canada, NZ and parts of Europe
    • Service for the Middle East and Asia still coming
  • 5/16
    • Sony not allowed to relaunch PSN in Japan
    • Japan's dir of media and content Kazushige Nobutani said that "As of May 13, Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1 press conference." He didn't comment on which Sony's "measures" were lacking in an interview with Dow Jones, but said "There were similar cases in the past that were caused by other firms, and we are asking Sony whether their measures are good enough when compared to countermeasures taken in the past."
  • Amazon Server Said to Be Used in Sony Attack
    • The attack came from Amazon's EC2 service
    • Hackers rented a server with an alias, they didn't break into Amazon's servers
    • Info reported by Bloomberg through an anonymous source (not the Anonymous Group)
    • Amazon hasn't commented
    • FBI likely to subpoena Amazon
    • The New York Attorney General’s office has subpoenaed Sony"

Discussion Stories

  • Lodsys Speaks Out About iOS In-App Purchase Threats
  • Lodsys's Blog
    • Lodsys put together a blog explaining why it's contacting app devs
    • Pretty much: we've got a patent on a technology and we should get paid if someone is using it
    • Says Apple, Google, and MS have licenses for "its nameplate products and services."
    • The company wants 0.575 percent of revenue from U.S. sales, due from receipt of the notice letter until the expiration of the patent.
  • Forget the iPod Tax, Canadian Copyright Collective Demanding Memory Card Tax
    • Canadian Private Copying Collective filed for a levy: 50¢ for each electronic memory card with 1 gigabyte of memory or less, $1.00 for each electronic memory card with more than one gigabyte of memory but less than 8 gigabytes of memory, and $3.00 for each electronic memory card with 8 gigabytes of memory or more - Canadians currently pay levies on blank CDs (and cassettes)

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"Dear TNT,

Listening to TNT 242, about the 350 Canadian CVs being comprised. Tom’s point about gleaning information from the CV’s in regards to Alma mater’s, Work History, Date of Birth, Interests and Favorite things for social engineering scamage.

It seems exactly the same information that is available on many people’s Facebook Profiles, for a lot less effort.

Love the show

Ed, Florida"

"Hey guys, I know have a name suggestion for your new segment, how about Dy-no-light? Maybe the sound intro could be fizzling fuse, get a Jimmie Walker sound-a-like deliver a less enthusiastic version of his famous catchphrase, or just have somebody say ""TNT, it's time for Dy-no-light"" . I think it conveys the tone for the segment and it rolls off the tongue. Or at least mine.

Hope everyone has a good week. And good luck without Tom.

Norm (from Austin)"



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