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Tech News Today
Episode 244

Tech News Today 244: The Apology Package


Top Stories

  • Android User Data Easily Stolen
  • Catching AuthTokens in the Wild: The Insecurity of Google's ClientLogin Protocol
    • researchers at Ulm University in Germany found a big security problem on Android with its ClientLogin authentication protocol
    • When an Android device authenticates user details for Android Market and Google services it passes an authentication Token in cleartext
    • The problem is the returned authToken, which can remain valid for up to two weeks. When used on insecure http networks, hackers can sniff out the authToken and then use it to access personal data.
    • Modifiable personal data: contact data, calendars, web albums.
    • Any device running an Android version 2.3.3 and older is more or less wide open.
    • The vulnerability in question applies not just to Google-developed Android applications, but third-party applications as well. any app that uses Google's services and the ClientLogin protocol over http rather than https is fair game." "- Android 2.3.4 uses https for the Calendar and Contacts apps but not Picasa (so that's still vulnerable)
    • According to Google's stats as of May 2nd, 99.7%of Android smartphones are 2.3.3 and under.
  • How to protect yourself:
    • don't use open Wi-Fi networks
    • use cellular data
  • California Pushes for Tightened Social Network Privacy Controls
  • Opposition Letter
    • California law proposed: "SB242, social-networking sites would have to allow users to establish their privacy settings - like who could view their profile and what information would be public to everyone on the Internet - when they register to join the site instead of after they join. Sites would also have to set defaults to private so that users would choose which information is public."
    • Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others signed a 4 page letter opposing this legislation
    • the letter says SB242 would decrease overall consumer privacy, calls the bill unnecessary, says the bill would do significant damage to CA's tech sector, and is a violation of both the U.S. and California Constitutions.

Discussion Stories

  • New York aims to be the Next Top Digital City in America
  • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a report explaining how:
    • NYC of the future will offer wireless Internet access in parks, and have vast reserves of data available to programmers and host live chats with 311 agents.
    • the city will register the .nyc web domain name and official partnerships with Twitter, Facebook, and NY-based startups Foursquare and Tumblr
    • On Twitter, @nycgov account will be used for providing immediate updates on city news and services.
    • Mr. Bloomberg doesn't use his Facebook or Twitter pages. He said, "I'm very old-fashioned. I use email."
  • Intel CEO: Big shift to mobile
  • Intel chief says won't use ARM to make chips
    • Intel CEO Paul Otellini spoke about the company's plans at an investor meeting
    • He reiterated Intel's focus on ultramobile tech
    • "No big announcement from Intel on smartphones today," he said. "Phones in first part of next area of intense focus for us."
    • Otellini said Intel will not make ARM chips

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"I was just thinking that after the News Fuse where you stick the occasional oddball story, some good names for the segment would be:

'Left Field' 'Seriously?' 'From The Dustbin' 'No, Really...' 'Would We Lie?' 'Whaaa???'

Charlie Hoover"

"With TNT and the News Fuse, you're missing The Boom! Then you can lower the boom! for your interest segment!

You're welcome if you use it. Justin in Ft.Myers FL"

"Dear TNT,

A friend of mine mentioned that by accepting any or all of the ""Welcome Back"" program by Sony for the outage, that I could be signing away any rights to sue Sony in relation to the outage. Is there any truth to this, or is this a no strings attached apology from Sony?

Thanks, Adam "



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