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Tech News Today
Episode 246

Tech News Today 246: Random Flying Guy Now On LinkedIn

LinkedIn goes IPO, Apple's cloud service is getting closer, facial recognition is scary, and more!



About LinkedIn LinkedIn IPO Shares Pop 84 Percent On First Trade, Opens At $83 Per Share]

  • LinkedIn Surges in First Day of Trading
  • LinkedIn CEO: Here's What We'll Do With All That IPO Money
    • LinkedIn's IPO was today, initial pricing was $45 a share, opened at $83/share
    • fluctuated, high of $122.70, closed at $94.25
    • LinkedIn raised over $350M in gross proceeds
    • Over 100M users as of March 2011, with approx. one million new members join every week
    • At $94.25 a share (closing prie), LinkedIn worth ~$8.9 billion, (might dump these #s b/c they may not be accurate 25x 2011 revenue, assuming Q1 sales are matched over the next 3 quarters. Facebook would be valued ~ $100 billion using the same multiple.)
    • CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner gave an interview to Bloomberg TV: The IPO Money is going to be used for hiring, expansion in Europe and acquisitions. Currently up ~100%
    • Largest US internet IPO since Google in 2004
    • LinkedIn's market cap is 650x its 2010 earnings
    • How Linked in makes money: LinkedIn generates roughly half of its revenue from companies looking to hire. Another 30% comes from advertising revenue, and just 20% from fees for premium services charged to its members.
  • Apple signs EMI; cloud-music deals nearly done
  • Whoa! Apple Patent Confirms iTunes Cloud Media Services
    • Cnet is reporting that Apple has signed a cloud-music licensing agreement with EMI
    • Apple is also close to completing deals with Sony and Universal.
    • Warner Music Group is also already on board.
    • will differ from Amazon/Google by "scan & match", rather than uploading
    • Patently Apple found an Apple patent that explains methods of streaming content to Apple devices
    • Main one of interest: initial portions of all content on your device locally so there's no wait to start. The stream fills in the rest"

Discussion Stories

  • Apple to support reps: "Do not attempt to remove malware"
  • Mac App Store's Slow Updates Expose Users to Security Risks
    • Apple's internal AppleCare docs leaked out explaining how to handle the Mac Defender scare
    • Apple's main points for its customer care:
      • Do not confirm or deny that any such software has been installed.
      • Do not attempt to remove or uninstall any malware software.
      • Do not send any escalations or contact Tier 2 for support about removing the software, or provide impact data.
      • Do not refer customers to the Apple Retail Store. The ARS does not provide any additional support for malware.
    • MS, HP, Dell have support for malware problems
    • Mac App Store doesn't have the latest apps which can create security problems. Example is Opera is 2 versions old in the Mac App Store and the newest versions fix critical flaws.
  • Google warns against facial recognition database
  • Google Builds Biometric Models of Celebrity Faces
    • Eric Schmidt talked at Google's "Big Tent" conference in London yesterday and said that it is unlikely that Google would build a facial recognition database. That's not because Google couldn't do it - Schmidt said he was surprised by the accuracy of current facial recognition software and finds it "very concerning."
    • Patent application by Google dated today entitled ""Automatically Mining Person Models of Celebrities for Visual Search Applications.""
    • It covers "a computer-implemented method of automatic face recognition" it would also have "A system, comprising: (a) a face image database; (b) a name database; and (c) a computer-based face recognition system"
    • It is focused on identifying celebrities though
  • By The Numbers
    • Gartner: Android leads, Windows Phone lags in Q1
    • The actual Gartner study
    • Verizon Finally Gets Around To Launching Its First Windows Phone
      • Gartner said in a report released today that over 100 million smartphones were sold worldwide during the first quarter of 2011
      • found Android made up 36% of sales
      • Symbian 27.4%, iOS 16.8%, RIM 12.9%
      • MS 3.6% with 1.6M WP7 units sold - compared to Q1 of 2010: Android: 9.6%, Symbian 44.2%, iOS 15.3%, RIM, 19.7%, MS 6.8%
      • Gartner predicted last month that WP would increase to 19.5% in 2015
      • VZ will launch its first WP7 device on May 26th, it's the HTC Trophy.
      • WP7 phones are already on AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint
      • (T-Mo sells 1 WP7 Phone, Sprint sells 2 models, ATT has 4)

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"And now for something completely different" seems to be a popular suggestion for the kicker.

"Hi guys - love the show! Listening right now to the talk about the hulu for magazines on android. You were speculating why it was only available through vcast android market. The reason is very likely because vcast supports auto-renew subscription billing, and android market does not have any type of subscription billing support (yet).

Cheers! -Lindsay"



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