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Tech News Today
Episode 248

Tech News Today 248: Shoe Pie Plus


Top Stories

  • Sony estimates $3.2b loss this year, $171 million cost for PSN breach
  • Sony losses feel double punch of hack and earthquake
  • Sony BMG Greece the latest hacked Sony site
    • expected to post a $3.1 billion loss for FY, instead of the $857 million in profits forecasted back in February.
    • Cost of hack estimated ¥14 billion ($171.4 million) FY 2012
    • The company estimated a ¥17 billion ($208.1 million) loss of operating income FY 2011 due to the recent earthquake
    • Sony also described "incremental" losses, such as repair of structures and loss of inventory. "The impact of these expenses is approximately ¥11 billion ($134.7 million) although these should be offset by insurance
    • The natural disaster's impact of operating income for FY 2012 is estimated to be a staggering ¥150 billion yen ($1.84 billion).
    • Hacker News received a data dump from anonymous hackers, and has uploaded a user database to, including the usernames, real names and email addresses of users registered on
  • Advocacy Group: Foxconn Blast Was No Accident
  • Third Foxconn Worker Dies Due to Explosion, Apparently Caused by “Combustible Dust”
    • Foxconn released an update about the explosion that took place on Friday in one of its factories in Chengdu. A third worker has died from injuries sustained at the factory. The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation by government officials and law enforcement. Their initial findings are the blast was caused "by an explosion of ultra-light aluminum combustible dust in a duct." The dust is used to polish iPads.
    • The explosion is not accidental, "Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) wrote in a blog post that condemned working conditions at Foxconn's mainland China facilities as well as alleged inaction by partners of the contract computer and electronics manufacturer such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell.
    • "SACOM pinpointed the problem of the aluminum dust in the polishing department in our report in early May,"
    • "Regrettably, Foxconn turns a deaf ear to SACOM's findings. After the spate of suicides, the blast also affirms Foxconn puts productivity of [the] iPad before workers' lives."
    • Workers always have excessive and forced overtime in order to gain a higher wage. Workers are exposed to dust from construction site[s] and shop floor[s] without adequate protection. Even worse, they are threatened by [the] potential harm of occupational diseases in various departments. Additionally, a military-styled management is still in practice, characterized by 'military training' for new workers."
    • Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou, meanwhile, has said that the explosion would not cause production delays for the iPad 2

Discussion Stories

  • Dorsey's Square tries to eliminate the card swipe by bringing back the tab
    • two new services -- Card Case and Square Register
    • Starting today, customers can pay for purchases using their smartphones at any of Square's 50 launch partners.
    • Card Case users will eventually be able to use the app to order ahead from their favorite restaurants. For now, all you can do is browse the menu and open a tab when you get within 500 feet of your destination
    • you order a coffee at a participating shop, for example, and when you swipe your credit card, the receipt is emailed to you. Leave your card on file with Square, and next time you visit the coffee shop you can browse the menu and pay with the company's new app by pressing a button. They call it opening a tab, a high-tech homage to the pad-and-paper accounting that barkeeps, druggists and general store clerks were accustomed to many generations ago.

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science



"Hello TNT crew,

I was watching episode 247, and you talked about the idea of Facebook Jr. I believe something like this is extremely essential to a child's experience on the Internet. Being a 13 year old, I have gone through many years of not being able to do anything on the Internet except for playing a few games (which I personally do not enjoy). I ended up, at around age 10, signing up for a Gmail account, then went on to Twitter and Facebook, all lying about my age. I would rather have been able to tell the truth about my age, and me marketed to accordingly.

Love the show,


"Hey Guys,

First, welcome back Tom. We've missed you. Please everyone give Tom a hug to convey the fact that we've missed him. Ok, with that out of the way...

During last week's discussions about the rise of Apple malware, I was surprised that no one in the tech community mentioned anything about the Mac AppStore. Many valid points were made, but nothing was said about the fact that an AppStore driven OS would be much less susceptible to attacks. Indeed, if only AppStore signed applications can be installed, it makes the system that much more secure... Of course this wouldn't happen tomorrow, but Apple doesn't drink its own cool aid. Meaning: they know that Macs aren't inherently secure, and they realize that they'll become bigger targets as they gain popularity. This is probably on the ""plus"" side of their plan called ""let's make an AppStore-only MacOS for dummies"". It wouldn't be perfect, but it would certainly help keeping it ""more securerer"" than their Windows brethren...

Just a thought. And a hug. *hug!*

-- Patrick Beja"

"Hi TNT crew!

Just wanted to let you know, in case you hadn't heard, that Apple is yanking the IFPI's, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, chain a bit.

In Sweden there's a weekly radio show called what's roughly translated to ""the digi-chart"". It's your standard radio chart show - except it lists the most downloaded songs instead of the most physically sold ones (hence the name digi-).

And what's been neat about it is it also included statistics from streaming music services - mainly Spotify since they're huge in Sweden, being Swedish and all. But just recently, Apple suddenly decided that it didn't want to play that game. So they've basically said that they will stop delivering the iTunes store statistics as long as Spotify's statistics are in there too.

- From what we've gathered by indirect means and through phone calls it has to do with that we in Sweden, as one of the first countries in the world, have included streaming music in the chart as well. And that didn't go to well with Apple's thoughts on how to create a chart, says Ludvig Werner, CEO of Swedish Ifpi, in an interview with the Swedish national radio. [That's my translation by the way]

Apple Sweden declined to comment, apparently.

I personally don't get the reasoning behind this, or even what Apple may have to gain from doing so. Do you?

Great show, by the way. I love it. And good luck with your new Twit crib!

André from Sweden"



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