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Tech News Today
Episode 250

Tech News Today 250: A Whole Bunch Of Hoo-nanny

$100,000 to drop out of school, OSX gets second malware variant, Internet taxes could get simpler/higher, and more.


Top Stories

  • Facebook To Launch Music Service With Spotify
  • Exclusive: Zynga About to File for IPO
    • Sources close to the deal told Forbes that Facebook will partner with Spotify to introduce a music streaming service that could launch in as little as 2 weeks.
    • FB users will see a Spotify icon on the left of the newsfeed
    • Would let FB users listen to music at the same time as their friends
    • Only in countries where Spotify already has a presence - so not the US
    • FB/Spotify is a partnership, no money involved
    • Zynga, the biggest provider of games on Facebook, is now the second-most valuable U.S. game developer, with a market capitalization of $8.2 billion on the SharesPost Inc. private- company exchange.
    • LinkedIn valued by SharesPost at $3B, turned out to be nearly $9B IRL
  • Music, TV Are Next Social Frontiers: Zuckerberg
  • Zuckerberg says not opening Facebook to under-13s
    • Speaking at eG8
    • said music and TV among the next products to become social through Facebook
    • Said he has been talking with Netflix about how to employ social tools
    • Facebook isn’t working on a service that would let children under 13, who are currently barred from the site, open accounts.
    • "Listening to music is something people do with their friends,” he said. “Movies, TV, news, books -- those types of things are things I think people just naturally do with their friends. I hope we can play a part in enabling those new companies to get built, and companies that are out there producing this great content to become more social.”
  • Copyfight: EFF co-founder enters e-G8 "lion's den," rips into lions
    • EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow participated in a panel at eG8 on intellectual property with the heads of 20th Century Fox, Universal Music France, Bertelsmann, and a French publisher
      • "I may be one of very few people in this room who actually makes his living personally by creating what these gentlemen are pleased to call intellectual property. I don't regard my expression as a form of property. Property is something that can be taken from me. If I don't have it, somebody else does. Expression is not like that. The notion that expression is like that is entirely a consequence of taking a system of expression and transporting it around, which was necessary before there was the Internet, which has the capacity to do this infinitely at almost no cost."
      • "Trying to optimize towards scarcity, as you are by all of your methods, is not going to be in the benefit of creation, I promise you," he said. "It's not IP enforcement that gets you guys properly paid." In his view, payment comes from building a product that people actually want to buy—and the movie industry's repeated record box office takes in recent years show that people have no problem coughing up the cash for something of value.
      • "I am not against being compensated for what you do," concluded Barlow.
    • Culture Minister Frédéric Mitterand took Barlow to task for his dramatic statements. "I do not share this apocalyptic vision of some dictatorship that will be creeping back through the Internet into our lives to control our thoughts and the way in which we function," he said. Some controls on the Internet are eminently reasonable—we need "economic solutions to economic problems."
      • "If you're spending $5 billion on new artists, we're not getting our money's worth," Barlow cracked, and he reframed his argument in economic terms of scarcity and abundance.

Discussion Stories

  • Digital downloads and taxation, HR 1860:
    • Legislation: "No State or local jurisdiction shall impose multiple or discriminatory taxes on or with respect to the sale of digital goods or digital services." **A "multiple tax" is defined as one in which that State or locality "gives no credit with respect to a tax that was previously paid on or with respect to the sale or use of such digital good or digital service to another State or local jurisdiction."-----This legislation is strongly supported by the Download Fairness Coalition, The Coalition includes Apple, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon, and, most notably, Amazon.
    • Example:
      • "Imagine you are sitting in Dulles airport in Virginia, waiting for a flight back to Florida," Dennis Ross (R-FL) began in his opening remarks. "You download a music file from Apple, which is headquartered in California. The music is sent to you via a server in Oklahoma."
      • Without a "clear national rule," he warned at the hearing, "all four states may attempt to tax the transaction."

News Fuse

Randomizer by Josh Dill



"Hey TNT Team!

I was listening to your show last night and heard how excited you were about how Windows Phone 7 will show you your Email, SMS, and other messages in a single inbox. I would be remiss as a BlackBerry fanatic if I didn't mention that all BlackBerries made in the past few years will show your emails, SMS, facebook notifications, twitter messages, and anything else that app developers want to include in your inbox. RIM publishes an global inbox API that lets developers add custom notifications into your inbox, but also allows users to determine what applications can and cannot fill your inbox if you don't want to see them. Just had to throw that out there.

Love the show!




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