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Tech News Today
Episode 253

Tech News Today 253: Made From Unicorns

Is the WHO Saying cell phones cause cancer? iCloud coming from Apple next week, Intel recycles "ultrabook" announcement and more!


Top Stories

  • WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk
  • WHO declares cellphones "possibly carcinogenic"
  • List of IARC Group 2B carcinogens (Nickel, Lead, Chloroform, Coffee, Gas, Pickled vegetables, engine exhaust)
    • International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) working group in Lyon, France categorized radiofrequency fields from cellphones as ‘possibly’ carcinogenic based on ‘limited evidence. The IARC is a unit of the World Health Organization
    • The group ranks agent as 5 groups Group 1: carcinogenic, Group 2A: probably carcinogenic, Group 2B: possibly carcinogenic, Group 3: Unclassifiable as to carcinogenicity and Group 4: probably not carcinogenic
    • 31 scientists from 14 countries
    • Categorization is based on a survey of the literature.
    • This is a better example of the precautionary principle than the one from Europe last week regarding WiFi "The IARC evaluated the conclusions that can be drawn from current research, including unpublished information from the Interphone study. The conclusions will eventually appear in The Lancet Oncology---- for all but glioma and acoustic neuroma cancers, the current state of information is officially deemed "inadequate." For the two cancers just mentioned A positive association has been observed between exposure to the agent and cancer," but "chance, bias or confounding could not be ruled out with reasonable confidence."

Discussion Stories

  • Hacktivists scorch PBS in retaliation for WikiLeaks documentary
  • Interview With PBS Hackers: We Did It For ‘Lulz And Justice’
    • A group called Lulzsec, unhappy with a Frontline documentary on Wikileaks that aired May 24, has hacked the PBS servers
    • adding a fake news story to a blog belonging to the august PBS Newshour and tweeted links to pastebins of the internal IP addresses and names of PBS servers, a top-level view of PBS’ website database, and large caches of e-mail addresses and passwords, including those for 200 PBS affiliates around the country, dozens of PBS bloggers, and 1,500 third-party newspaper and media reporters who’d signed up for access to PBS’s “pressroom” of photos, clips and press releases.
    • Tupac Shakur had been found “alive and well” in New Zealand. The false story (Tupac died in 1996) was indexed by Google News, and spread rapidly through Facebook and Twitter
    • Earlier this month Lulzsec hacked Sony’s Japanese website, and before that, where the group stole and posted 363 employee passwords, the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of 73,000 people who had signed up for audition information for the upcoming Fox talent show The X-Factor.
    • Lulzsec says their next target is Sony

News Fuse




"Tom, Sara, Iyaz and Jason,

I recognize that I am likely in the minority here (I mostly listen to vinyl lps!) but I'd like to voice some support for upload-required locker music cloud services. I have a lot of tracks and albums that represent alternate takes, demo versions, live versions (or some with a different mix or mastered by a different engineer) that I don't want reduced to some ""official"" version of that track by my music cloud. I like the idea of music matching and not having to upload a 100gig of music, but that is less desirable to me than having the multiple and preferred versions of songs that I have accumulated over the years. My experience with Lala makes me suspicious of such services, nevermind the likelyhood that a lot of tracks from lessor known artists won't be recognized at all. If iCloud only does music matching or makes managing such difference difficult then I will continue the long slow upload to Google and Amazon.

If Apple really wants to incent me to get onboard they should start offering high resolution (lossless 96/24+) music a la HDTracks.

Thanks for the show and keep up the excellent work!




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