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Tech News Today
Episode 255

Tech News Today 255: Sarah The Blog Tickler

AT&T promises shared data plans for multiple devices, Sony hacked again, Windows 8-a-palooza, and more!


Top Stories

  • AT&T confirms its 'working on' a shared data plan, won't commit to a time frame
  • AT&T Wants the Nation’s Biggest Network. But Is It Competent Enough to Run It?
    • Ralph de la Vega just confirmed at the D9 conference today that the carrier is ""working on"" a shared data plan
    • Why should we believe that AT&T is competent enough to control what will be the biggest network in the U.S., when it’s consistently rated as providing the worst service?
    • “We’re not happy with the status of customer satisfaction and we’re working to improve it,” he said onstage at D9 today. “Our customers are happier than they were before….When we overlay our network with T-Mobile’s you’ll see a dramatic improvement….Our customers will be able to use any cell site, AT&T or T-Mobile, and that will give them an immediate benefit….We are pulling every lever humanly possible to improve our service.”

Discussion Stories

"Dear TNT,

In the abstract, dressing up like an indian and tossing boxes of tea into the Boston harbor was a juvenile and criminal act. Hacktivism is in part about the natural human desire to fight injustice. While no one should live under the threat of mob-cyber-violence, people and organization should understand that when they step far outside the realm of socially acceptable behavior (i.e. Sony suing GeoHot or the US Government's treatment of Bradley Manning and Wikileaks) there are repercussions.

Not So Anonymous, McKinley H. Tabor (yes, you can use my name)

P.S. Please don't read any modern political slant into the Boston Tea Party Reference"

  • Disney’s Bob Iger at D9: New Streaming Site to Launch in the Next Year
    • The site will have gaming and streaming video content, and will be monetized by a subscription service, advertising, pay-per-view, and even micropayments, according to Iger.
    • Iger said of sites like Netflix and Hulu, “The more distributors the merrier–it keeps them all honest.”
    • Iger played down Disney’s loyalty to Apple. “We treat the relationship at an arm’s length. We’ve not said yes to everything that Apple’s offered and vice versa.”
  • Is Apple ready to play cat and mouse with malware developers?
  • Apple strikes back at Mac Defender malware (again) - cat & mouse part 2
    • It took Apple at least 24 hours to respond to the new variant of Mac Defender, dubbed OSX.MacDefender.C, judging by the publication time of an article about the update by Italian blog Spider-Mac. We were able to verify that the definitions had been updated by checking the file online, but our local machine had not yet updated the definitions file locally. (The actual timestamp of the file can't be checked unless your machine has updated the file locally.) One consequence of the way Apple's 24 hour automatic updating is that depending on when your machine checks for an update and when Apple publishes it to its servers, you might have to wait until 23:59 before you have the updated definitions on your machine.

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"This is a follow up on the email below regarding the VPN issue with Verizon’s LTE cards. There has recently been a update to their software. We are still getting private addresses in the 10 dot range, but now we are getting a 27 bit subnet mask rather than an 8 bit mask. For my purposes, this has fixed the problem because the issued subnet is outside of the range of addresses we use. I’m sure though, that there will still be conflicts with some corporate networks.

Kevin in KC"



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