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Tech News Today
Episode 260

Tech News Today 260: The Trunk Is In The Coffee

Microsoft loses to Canadians, Apple blinks on subscriptions, electronics may endanger planes, and more!


Top Stories

  • Microsoft loses to Toronto firm at top court
  • SCOTUS makes patent holders happy, upholds $290M Microsoft verdict
    • US Supreme Court rules unanimously in favor of i4i in patent case against Microsoft.
    • Microsoft had argued that a patent examiner's decision to grant a patent should be given less deference when a jury is considering evidence that had never been considered by the examiner.
    • Justice Sotomayor focused on the Supreme Court's 1934 decision of Radio Corporation of America v. Radio Engineering Laboratories, which held that patents had a "presumption of validity, a presumption not to be overthrown except by clear and cogent evidence."
    • In 1998, the company patented a method of manipulating the structure of a document separately from its content. The company sued Microsoft in 2007 in the Eastern District of Texas, which is famous for its friendliness to patent plaintiffs. In 2009, a judge ruled that Microsoft was liable for $290 million in damages for infringing the patent. Microsoft appealed, and the issue reached the Supreme Court in April.
  • Nokia loses another technology chief
  • Rich Green, Nokia CTO, takes leave of absence for 'personal reasons'
    • Nokia CTO Rich Green ended his long year or so-ish tenure at Nokia by stepping down creating major waves in the blogosphere
    • He had just been elevated to the leadership team in the recent shuffle of executives.
    • described as "the former VP of Sun Microsystems is charged with defining Nokia's technology vision; be it hardware, software, user experience, cloud services, or developer programs. "
    • Official wordt is that he is taking a leave of absence for personal reasons
    • a Finnish newspaper quoted sources inside Nokia saying he had left because of differences over strategy and would not return (related to MeeGo decision)
    • Reuters says that Henry Tirri, head of Nokia Research Center, will be acting CTO Henry makes the Fifth CTO in the past 6 years."

Discussion Stories

  • Citibank confirms hacking attack
    • Malicious attackers stole the names of customers, account numbers and contact information for Citigroup banking customers.
    • "We are contacting customers whose information was impacted. Citi has implemented enhanced procedures to prevent a recurrence of this type of event," a Citi spokesman said in a statement to the Reuters news agency.
    • Around 1% of the bank's 21m account holders were affected - around 210,000 individuals.
  • Personal Electronics May Indeed Disrupt Avionics
  • Original ABC News story
    • ABC accessed confidential doc. A report by the International Air Transport Association, a trade group representing more than 230 passenger and cargo airlines worldwide, documents 75 separate incidents of possible electronic interference that airline pilots and other crew members believed were linked to mobile phones and other electronic devices.
    • The report covers the years 2003 to 2009 and is based on survey responses from 125 airlines that account for a quarter of the world's air traffic.
    • Dave Carson of Boeing, the co-chair of a federal advisory committee that investigated the problem of electronic interference from portable devices, says that PEDs radiate signals that can hit and disrupt highly sensitive electronic sensors hidden in the plane's passenger area, including those for an instrument landing system used in bad weather.
    • A Blackberry and an iPhone were both over the limit, but the worst offender was an iPad.
    • ABC News's own aviation expert, John Nance said There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there, but it's not evidence at all. It's pilots, like myself, who thought they saw something but they couldn't pin it to anything in particular. And those stories are not rampant enough, considering 32,000 flights a day over the U.S., to be convincing.""
    • "If an airplane is properly hardened, in terms of the sheathing of the electronics, there's no way interference can occur." says Nance. Older planes may not be that hardened.

News Fuse




"TNT Crew,

Good morning/afternoon. I hope that this message finds each of you doing well. I think that referring to the EU’s privacy concerns over Facebook’s facial recognition software as FUD may be a little unjust. I’m not saying that the EU is going about handling the issue in the right or wrong way, but there is cause for concern.

We all know that we live in a world with a small population of wack-a-doodles, so what is to stop some of these maladjusted individuals from sitting outside of a Planned Parenthood facility with a zoom lens and taking photos of staff and those seeking services, and then uploading the photos to Facebook in order to have the facial recognition software provide the name of the individuals in the photos? I can see this being a potential problem for jurors or potential jurors, those who choose to march for or against a cause, are for those who just may want to keep the fact their political, religious, and social affiliations/outings private. Sadly, there are people who will use this type of technology to bring harm to and influence others. Will Facebook be held liable for identifying an individual in a photo who is then harmed in some way?

Love the show, Adrian Arlington, TX"

"Subject: BitCoin

A) entities within the US are allowed under US law to create private currencies as long as they are exchangeable with the dollar. BitCoin exchange floats, unlike, say, the Yuan, so this should be less odious than the Chinese economy.

B) BitCoin founder said that it is not untraceable (because everything is logged) nor was it designed to be.

Keep up the good work,

Rob Maxwell Damascus, MD"



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