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Tech News Today
Episode 265

Tech News Today 265: Ethernet Powered Post-its

RIM's earnings call is bleak, Facebook's Project Spartan leaks, Lulzsec versus Anonymous, and more.


Top Stories

Discussion Stories

  • Why iTunes Match has indie soul label singing the blues
    • Chicago-based Numero Group, has publicly stated it has decided to "opt out" of iTunes Match.
    • Numero wrote a statement on its blog "our primary responsibility is to our partners—the artists, producers, and songwriters that make up the Numero catalog—we feel that Apple’s pittance is an insult not only to them, but every other musician..."
    • Ars Technica contacted Numero co-owner Rob Sevier about the matter: Sevier had concerns about legitimizing piracy. He says that the Numero has seen that there are 10-20 times more downloads than legit sales. "But for Apple to say that all your bootlegs are welcome, it just bothers us."
    • Sevier was not impressed about the potential revenue that the $25 annual fee would generate for his label.
  • Is it time for a mobile TV comeback?
    • In its new global entertainment and media outlook report, PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that mobile TV subscription revenue will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13 percent over the next five years in the U.S.
    • That means mobile subscriptions will bring in $900 million of revenue by 2015, compared with $486 million in 2010.
    • PwC predicts that mobile TV will mostly be free, with only a smaller subset of viewers subscribing to extended premium offerings.
    • PwC predicts that this uptake will be driven by wireless network upgrades and a mobile DTV standard, which could kick in by 2012 or 2013.
    • FloTV info:
      • In October 2010, Qualcomm announced it was suspending new sales of the service to consumers.[2][3] In December 2010, AT&T announced that it will purchase Qualcomm's FCC licenses in the 700 MHz band.[4] FLO TV discontinued service on March 27, 2011.
  • report: Facebook users have a higher degree of social well-being
    • From the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life project, Facebook users are more trusting of other people, have larger #s of close friends, higher civic engagement
    • Counters the idea that people on social networks are more isolated
    • People who are not online have the smallest social networks, are more socially isolated, get the least amount of social support and are least likely to vote according to Univ. of Penn. prof. Keith Hampton, lead author of the report
    • Someone who logs into Facebook multiple times a day is 43% more likely than other Internet users and more than three times as likely as someone who does not use the Internet to feel that most people can be trusted.
    • Someone who uses Facebook several times per day averages 9% more close, core ties in their overall social network compared with other Internet users.
    • Someone who visits the site multiple times a day was two and a half times more likely to attend a political rally or meeting, 57% more likely to persuade someone to vote for a candidate and 43% more likely to have said they would vote.

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"I think the Redner Group is right! Venom in reviews is useless to begin with, it doesn't help people choose one app or game over another it just makes the reviewer look angry and vindictive. Redner never asked for a good review just not one that was unhelpful. Most companies I've reviewed for appreciate constructive criticisms of their product, but reviewers who are openly cruel in their write-ups are unprofessional and don't last long in this business anyway.

Michelle Lopez"



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