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Tech News Today
Episode 266

Tech News Today 266: This Sucker Tweets

Lulzsec's press release, RIM loses a big investor, Spotify possibly close to US release, and more.


Top Stories

  • LulzSec: "We might be brought to justice, but we just don't care."
  • LulzSec's Statement
  • LulzSec: We Are NOT Attacking Anonymous
    • In honor of LulzSec's 1000th Tweet, the hacker group issued a press release
    • Release explains its point of view: But what if we just hadn’t released anything? What if we were silent? That would mean we would be secretly inside FBI affiliates right now, inside PBS, inside Sony… watching… abusing…
    • "Yes, yes, there’s always the argument that releasing everything in full is just as evil, what with accounts being stolen and abused, but welcome to 2011. This is the lulz lizard era, where we do things just because we find it entertaining."
    • "We’ve been entertaining you 1000 times with 140 characters or less, and we’ll continue creating things that are exciting and new until we’re brought to justice, which we might well be. But you know, we just don’t give a living f#*k at this point - you’ll forget about us in 3 months’ time when there’s a new scandal to gawk at,"
    • not going after Anonymous nor the whole 4chan, just /b/
  • RIM’s Sixth-Biggest Investor Sells Half of Stake on Market-Share Concern
  • REVEALED: Why RIM's BlackBerry 7 Phones Are Delayed
  • RIM insider: fundamental cultural disconnect to blame
  • RIM Co-CEOs to Critics: We’re Awesome and We’re Not Going Anywhere
  • RIM's Top Digital Marketer Defects to Samsung Mobile
  • Aftermath of RIM's earnings announcement
    • RIM's 6th biggest investor, owned 10.2 million shares as of March 30th, sold off more than 1/2 of its holdings. The chairman of Jarislowsky Fraser Ltd, Stephen Jarislowsky said "We are on the way out… They are resting on their laurels, Steve Jobs is a much better marketer than RIM."
    • RIMM's down 21.45% today
    • Apart from financials, RIM said the first BlackBerry 7 devices would be delayed until August.
    • The delay is due to RIM porting the BlackBerry 7 OS to Qualcomm processors according to a note by Morgan Stanley analyst Ehud Gelblum
    • 4G PlayBook is expected to arrive sometime in the fall." "Inside the Company:
    • Apparently, a former RIM employee is talking saying "The problem is that they brim with hubris regarding their success in the corporate market and are culturally blind to the gaping holes in their armour regarding consumer."
    • Earnings call spoke to the unusual co-CEO structure of RIM: “Our co-CEO arrangement is what led to RIM’s success over the past two decades.”
    • “RIM has taken a unique path and the reason why we do things might not always be obvious from the outside,” Lazaridis said
    • One more thing: RIM's VP of digital marketing and media Brian Wallace is leaving for Samsung Mobile - he'll be VP of strategic marketing for the U.S. there

Discussion Stories

  • Spam clogging Amazon's Kindle self-publishing
  • Spam "Books" Threaten to Overrun the Kindle
    • Kindle spam! The Kindle ebook market is now being overrun with spam books
    • Using Amazon's author-friendly tools, scammers are releasing lots of books: some content has been stolen from other authors, others are using templates to auto-generate books
    • These "auto-generated books" are built using something known as Private Label Rights, or PLR content, which is information that can be bought very cheaply online then reformatted into a digital book.
  • Average U.S. Smartphone Data Usage Up 89% as Cost per MB Goes Down 46%
    • Nielsen reports: the average smartphone user uses 89% more data each month than one year ago
    • On average, users ate 435 MB of data each month for the first quarter of 2011
    • For the 1st Q: Android users: 582MB/month, iPhone users 492MB/month, Windows Phone 7 users: 317MB/month, Windows Mobile 174MB/Month, BlackBerry users 127MB/month
    • Cost per MB is down this year. Now it's 8 cents/MB, last year it was 14 cents/MB
    • Nielsen analyzed the cell phone bills for 65,000 smartphone owners

News Fuse




"Hi TNT Crew!

On the subject of venemous reviews, what immediately springs to mind is the BBC's TV show Top Gear and, in particular, it's lead presenter, one Jeremy Clarkson, who has made something of a name for himself through delivering exactly the type of review that Duke Nuke 'em's PR people take exception to.

I accept that stylised, abusive prose isn't as helpful as constructive criticism, but it's a lot more entertaining to read/listen to. It seems to me that if f you believe in your product, you should be able to stand by it, defend it against inaccurate assessments and strengthen it through taking on board constructive criticism. But then again, I don't work in PR.

Love the show!

Ralph from Hull in the UK"

" TNT crew.

Last week on episode 258 you talked about that the average age of the gamer is 37 years.

I don't find it as any surprise that the average gamer is that old. If you think about it, that's about the age of those who started playing games when the Personal Computer era started. Many 37 years olds had a Commodore 64 when they where kids.

I am 38 myself, and had no computers at home, but my computer gaming experience started with the Nintendo Game & Watch. (I still have a working copy of ""Tropical Fish""). And later I had a Nintendo Entertainment System, with Super Mario Bros. Later I got a PC in 1994, when teh old man gave me an old computer from his office. And it was great.

So 37 is about the right age for those who grew up with computer games. Just because one grow up does not automatically mean that one stop playing games. The frequency of playing might have going down, but the number of players haven't gone down nearly as much.

I really do love the show. Sometimes it makes my day. :-)=

Greetings from Solbu in the chatroom.

-- Johnny A. Solbu"



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