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Tech News Today
Episode 268

Tech News Today 268: Not Everything Is A Phone

Is Hulu for sale, LulzSec, Nokia's awesome collector edition phone, and more.


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  • Dropbox Left User Accounts Unlocked for 4 Hours Sunday
    • Story was breaking before the show yesterday, but we wanted to confirm the details.
    • accounts became unlocked at 1:54pm Pacific time Sunday when a programming change introduced a bug. The company closed the hole a little less than 4 hours later.
    • The bug was made possible because of the security architecture choice that Dropbox made, where encryption and decryption happen on Dropbox’s servers, rather than on individual’s computers. This allows Dropbox to open files because it, not the user, holds the encryption key.
    • Wuala and SpiderOak encrypt data on users’ devices, not on a central server.
    • Dropbox says fewer than 1% of accounts were opened during that time and it force-closed all of those sessions to cut off access to anyone who authenticated with false credentials during that time.
  • RIM’s Plunge May Beckon Microsoft, Dell
    • According to BMO Harris Private Banking, RIM's current state could make it quite an attractive acquisition target.
    • Speculates Microsoft and Dell could pick it up.
    • RIM, once worth $83 billion, fell more than 80 percent from its record three years ago
    • RIM closed yesterday at $25.89 a share, or 4.7 times earnings next year. That’s less than any communications-equipment provider, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
    • “It’s not hard to envision a stock price that’s somewhere between $40 and $50 a share” in an acquisition, according to BMO Harris's Chief Investment Officer Paul Taylor
  • New iPhone rumors claim "radical new case design," August release
  • Is this what the iPhone 5 will look like?
    • Boy Genius Report claims to have "independently confirmed" next iPhone sport a "radical new case design," and Apple is considering holding a special event in August
    • previous rumors from last week that stated the next-gen iPhone was already in final testing and that final prototypes are currently out in the field before production this fall.
    • Digitimes claims that Apple has reduced its iPhone 4 orders in anticipation of a new device in the third quarter of the year.
    • This is My Next has an image based on a sketch from a source

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The solution to Kindle spam is simple.

Let people return the books for a full refund within say 10 minutes of buying.

No one is going to be able to read a full novel in that time and it should be long enough to let people decide if its a spam book or not


Aaron Kalair"

"I downloaded Atomic today for my iPad. The NYPost caught on.

Chris" Mercury browser app - BOOM



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