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Tech News Today
Episode 271

Tech News Today 271: Relic From The Future

Lulzsec identities revealed? Apple says iWeb's out so deal with it, microtransactions coming to Xbox, and more.



  • LulzSec's first Operation Anti-Security release: Arizona DPS
  • LulzSec leaks Arizona law enforcement papers
  • Arizona Confirms LulzSec Docs Are Authentic, Worries About Officer Safety
    • LulzSec released over 400MB of data from the Arizona Department of Public Safety
    • Data includes email archives, images, and other files
    • LulzSec has verified it is responsible for the leak via its website and Twitter accounts.
    • Motivation? "We are targeting AZDPS specifically because we are against SB1070 and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police state that is Arizona."
    • SB1070 is the "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act" which makes it a misdemeanor crime for an alien to be in Arizona without carrying the required documents, bars state or local officials or agencies from restricting enforcement of federal immigration laws, and cracks down on those sheltering, hiring and transporting illegal aliens."
    • A spokesman for the Arizona Dept of Public Safety, Steve Harrison, has confirmed the documents leaked by LulzSec are authentic.
    • Jimmy Chavez, President of the Arizona Highway Patrol Association. “[LulzSec] maliciously released confidential information knowing the safety of DPS employees, and their families, would be compromised."
  • Hacker claims to reveal identity of LulzSec leader
  • LulzSec's thoughts on Jester
  • Inside LulzSec: Chatroom logs shine a light on the secretive hackers
    • a hacker known as "The Jester" says the leader of LulzSec is Xavier Kaotico aka "Sabu" a 30 year old who currently or recently is in New York City
    • LulzSec responded with a long post on Pastebin pretty much mocking Jester's hacking skills compared to LulzSec's
    • Jester calls himself a “Hacktivist for good. Obstructing the lines of communication for terrorists, sympathizers, fixers, facilitators, and other general bad guys.”
    • Guardian published leaked LulzSec IRC conversations sheds more light:
- "Sabu" is the leader, 6-8 people in the group
 - "Kayla" provides a botnet for DDoS attacks
    • "Topiary" takes care of the public image like the twitter feed
    • LulzSec seems to be obsessed with media coverage esp. in newspapers
  • Google Responds To FTC Inquiry: “Using Google Is A Choice”
  • Supporting choice, ensuring economic opportunity
    • Google confirmed via a blog post that it is indeed being investigated by the FTC
    • "It’s still unclear exactly what the FTC’s concerns are, but we’re clear about where we stand."
    • Reports say that Google is the subject of an antitrust investigation related to Google's advertising business
    • "Using Google is a choice -- and there are lots of other choices available to you for getting information"
    • Got an email echoing Google's choice point:

"Great show. Just want to point out one huge difference between Google's dominance in search/ads and Microsoft's OS monopoly on the desktop. Google does not lock you into their "platform", I can use any search engine, online docs, etc., even on Chrome. The Microsoft deals with OEM providers makes it almost impossible for someone (at least here in South Africa) to purchase a non-Windows PC (even if I remove Windows, I loose my warranty).

So in summary, MS removed choice and Google added choice irrespective of market share. It would be different if Google started forcing OEMs and ISPs to only routing Google search traffic (or something to that effect).


Hans "

Discussion Stories

  • Lawsuit: Sony laid off security staff, unprepared for PS3 hacks
    • Sony's getting sued over data being stolen from Sony servers
    • In the lawsuit is the claim that Sony laid off security staff before the PS3 hacks
    • From the complaint:
      • "Just two weeks before the April breach, Sony laid off a substantial percentage of its Sony Online Entertainment workforce, including a number of employees in the Network Operations Center, which, according to Confidential Witness 2, is the group that is responsible for preparing for and responding to security breaches, and who ostensibly has the skills to bring the Network's security technology up-to-date."
  • Microsoft Bringing Free to Play to Xbox
  • TF2 goes free to play
    • Microsoft is working on a microtransaction system that allows free to play games to the XBox according to Develop
    • MS already has MS Points as a currency system
    • Could already do this kind of thing in PC gaming and FB.
    • MS hasn't said anything official.
    • Valve announced Team Fortress 2 is free to play. Monetized by microtransaction payments, no subscriptions necessary.
  • Facebook Now Has 750 Million Users
  • Winklevoss twins press Facebook case in Boston federal court after dropping Supreme Court appeal
    • According to TechCrunch's sources, Facebook has hit 750 million users. 
- No official word from FB on this
    • the FB "user" definition is "as a user who has logged in within the last 30 days" (so these are active accounts)
    • Winklevoss twins didn't appeal their case to the Supreme Court, but decided to go after FB in a federal court in Boston saying FB didn't turn over important info during litigation.
    • Facebook's attorney said "These are old and baseless allegations that have been considered and rejected previously by the courts."

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"Hi Team TNT, This morning when I opened Gmail, I was greeted with the option to try a new inbox. The options were Classic, Important First, Unread First, Starred first and Priority Inbox. I'm not sure if this is on by default or as one of the many labs options I've opted into in the past. I thought you might be interested in the tip as it saves me the time from searching is:unread

Love the show! Bryan in Chicago"

"Hey TNT crew,

Happy Liquid Friday!!

Just wanted to pass along a quick comment on the TechNewsToday Reddit page.

While we, story submitters, have already read the articles being posted and are aware of their details, it is the insight and background experience of the TNT staff and hosts that, at least for me, prompts the promotion of individual items. From the technical details that Darren provides for hacker or security items, Iyaz's ability to generalize the in-depth legal jargon surrounding patent and copyright infringement, to Sarah, Jason, and Tom's comprehension of the inner working of the IT environment, the discussions and thoughts bring that extra layer to the story not garnered from simply reading the black and white.

The best benefit I've found from the page, however, is that I'm no longer scanning feeds or websites first to find interesting information but, going to a single site of tech related stories, already curated by like minded individuals. This has allowed me to discovered sites and stories that I would otherwise have missed or passed over in my daily web browsing.

Big props to whoever decided to put forth the effort and start the page and, for all those sharing. It's brought about an added level of enjoyment and involvement to the show and generally expanded my knowledge of an ever expanding tech world.





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