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Tech News Today
Episode 274

Tech News Today 274: Tunder-beardo?

HP wants Samsung to make WebOS? All the Twitter founders are gone, AntiSec has Anonymous on a rampage, and more.


Top Stories

  • Biz Stone Is Leaving Twitter
  • Biz Stone Steps Back From Twitter To Relaunch Obvious With Ev Williams And Jason Goldman
    • The Obvious Corporation created to try to buy back Odeo, incubated Twitter, then faded away.
    • Jason Goldman, Evan Williams and Biz Stone restarting Obvious
    • "Our plan is to develop new projects and work on solving big problems aligned along a simple mission statement: The Obvious Corporation develops systems that help people work together to improve the world."
    • Williams left in March, Goldman resigned in December.
    • Is "taking a step back" the new "assigned to other duties"

Discussion Stories

  • HP ‘talking to a number of companies’ about potential webOS licensing, Jon Rubinstein gives us the lowdown
    • HP CEO Leo Apotheker confirmed to Bloomberg that HP is in talks with “a number of companies” about licensing webOS.
    • This is My Next talked to webOS chief Jon Rubinstein who clarified they want partners to take WebOS as their main operating system.
    • "if we’re going to be one of 5 or 6 OSs, it’s hard to see — it wouldn’t make any sense.”
    • Bloomberg has several sources claiming Samsung is on the list, with Samsung supposedly looking for a platform it can customize, in case Google starts locking down Android.
    • “Samsung will continue to strengthen its relationship with Google to provide ultimate values to customers.”
  • AntiSec Slams Arizona Cops (Again) with Super Personal Data Spill
  • Ariz. police confirm 2nd hack on officers' email
  • Anonymous smites Orlando after charity arrests
  • Anonymous posts hacked Universal Music, Viacom data
  • Ohio teen may be linked to LulzSec attacks
  • FBI Raids Iowa Woman’s Home in Lulz Security Hacker Investigation
    • Anonymous continued its AntiSec campaign releasing more info about Arizona Border Police and ZDPS including security numbers, girlfriend pics, and more. AZDPS confirms the hack on officer's email
    • Anonymous also launched a denial of service attack against a local tourism website, and promises to DDoS one Orlando website a day
    • Anonymous is reported to have hacked into the Universal Music and Viacom servers. According to the Wall Street Journal [sub. req.], the group has released a cache of files that it claims represents the passwords and other user data stolen from a Universal Music affiliated site, as well as those from Viacom networks.
    • Stories from Cincinnati's WKRC and the Hamilton Journal-News in Ohio reported that the FBI conducted a search on Monday of a home on Jackson Road in Saint Clair Township.
    • LulzSec had previously named two people suspected of giving information on the arrested Ryan Cleary, including someone with the handle m_nerva, who was revealed as a resident of Hamilton, Ohio, which is located in Saint Clair Township.
    • Gawker reports that at about 11 am last Thursday, 29-year-old Laurelai Bailey spoke with FBI agents for 5 hours in her home about hackers she knew. They seemed to be very interested in Kayla from LulzSec.

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"Love the show, one of my favorites on the network (with iPad Today and TWiG).

Just as a heads up, if you have a Google Apps account, since they can't use Google Profiles, are not able to sign up for Google+ beta. When is Google going to allow their PAYING customers to use their applications (latitude, profiles, plus, etc.). I would love to not sign into two google accounts every time I want to use a google product.

I love Google, but sometimes they feel like they only go part-way.

Keep up the great work! -Dan, Boston Twitter / Chatroom - MonkeyDKS"

"Just got this in my mail today... Looks like the Associates program is being terminated now for California folks...




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