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Tech News Today
Episode 275

Tech News Today 275: Harvest Your Circles

An indestructible botnet, RIM in public spat with employee, Google Plus TOO popular for its own good, and more.


Top Stories

  • TDL-4: The 'indestructible' botnet?
  • Detailed explanation of TDL-4
    • Kaspersky detailed TDL-4 calling it possibly "indestructible"
    • Original appearedin 2008. This is the 4th generation.
    • TDL-4 encrypted the protocol between bots and command
    • It also added P2P communication through KAD (emule) to preserve access even if command servers are seized
    • It infects the MBR, so hard to detect, also deletes other malware that may alert sec progs

Discussion Stories

  • RIM Gets its ‘Peanut Butter Manifesto’ as Employee Rails About Internal Woes
  • Anonymous letter bemoans RIM management woes
  • RIM’s Response to “Open Letter”
    • Anonymous RIM employee sent an open letter which was posted on BGR
    • calling for better marketing of products, accountability for failure, and input from employees.
    • stop making product decisions based on carrier or retailer requests, but on what customers would actually want.
    • Recommends CEO's split roles" On its blog RIM responded by chiding the anonymous author and stating "There is a fundamental business reality however that following an extended period of hyper growth (during which RIM nearly quadrupled in size over the past 5 years alone), it has become necessary for the company to streamline its operations in order to allow it to grow its business profitably while pursuing newer strategic opportunities." -- in other words, dear shareholders, pay no attention to the whiny employee.
  • An Open Letter To Jeff Bezos On Terminating The Amazon Affiliate Program In California
  • Amazon to shut down California affiliates over new sales tax law
    • Amazon cuts affiliate program in California and suddenly everyone notices
    • New York, Illinois, Rhode Island, and North Carolina, all of which have seen their own Amazon affiliate programs killed for exactly the same reason. And, as noted by The Tax Foundation, there are a handful of others—Arizona, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont—that are considering passing similar ""Amazon Tax"" measures.
    • Affiliates left with no choice but to take business elsewhere. When Tom said so on Twitter started a fierce debate about who to blame. Who cares?"

News Fuse




"Hey TNT crew,

Just wanted to let you know that Microsoft has had automatic camera switching in group video chat, as part of OCS/Link, for many years.

Microsoft has both Mac and Windows clients for OCS/Link which work very well. We use it in the corporation I work for.

What do you know? Microsoft did something first for a change!


- Nick"

"Hey TNT crew, I was listening to episode 274 where you mentioned Google+. It got me thinking as to some of the other google projects that haven't seen ""Market Success."" facebook started out limiting access to just Harvard students then progressed to college students. They didn't get real growth and acceptance until they opened up to the public. Google's products are always limited to google accounts. I know, business wise that's a just decision. I know you guys mentioned previously that gmail users aren't a biggest percentage globally of webmail users. So you can't expect the 'common' consumers to care about a new google social product if they aren't google consumers already. Just my thought

- Omar "If you use this, you can call me PrOmar" Forrester

"Hey TNT kids! Maybe a tad offtopic but you guys talk about both fairly often. So, you've heard of xbox achievements and ps3 trophies... what if after you beat a game it printed out a real trophy! it could have your name engraved on it including the date and the name of the game etc. then you would finally have something to show for all those hours spent improving your hand-eye cordnation and put the 3d printer to work. as far as i know, nobody is doing this yet and i just thought it up so i thought id throw it out there. love the show

- bwoogie, sometimes in the irc :)"



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