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Tech News Today
Episode 278

Tech News Today 278: Skype In A JAR

People really pay for Hulu, Facebook dismisses Google+, 40 million iPhones or bust, and more.


Top Stories


  • Next iPhone: 25 million by year's end says WSJ
  • WSJ: next iPhone to be "thinner and lighter" than iPhone 4
  • Will Sprint Get an iPhone for the Holidays?
  • Apple may launch iPad 2 Plus in 2011, says analyst
  • Joy of Tech nails it
    • Building on yesterday's DigiTimes rumour, WSJ reports Apple is asking Foxconn to build 25 million new iPhones by end of year
    • Apple requests a "few million" be ready in August for September release, though could be delayed since it is "complicated and difficult to assemble"
    • reported to be thinner and lighter than iPhone 4, 8 mpxl rear-facing camera and qualcomm baseband processor
    • Citadel Securities analyst Shing Yin believes Sprint will get the iPhone by the end of the year
    • FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger said today in the International Business Times said Apple has sent out requests for quotes to different suppliers for a new tablet, though no specific schedule for production has been confirmed.
    • Display for an iPad 2 Plus could be anywhere from 250 to 300 pixels per inch (ppi) compared with the current iPad 2's 132-ppi resolution. Could launch in fall? Berger isn't even confirming.

Discussion Stories

  • Nintendo Nixes Future iPhone, Android Games Despite Pokemon Title
    • Earlier this week news broke that Nintendo would bring Pokemon to iOS. Pokemon Say Tap? BW is a timing game that has you tapping Pokemon cards to music. The free game is due out this summer.
    • Speaking with Bloomberg, a spokesman said that Nintendo's decision to only develop games for its own hardware "hasn't changed and won't change."
    • Pokemon is only 32% owned by Nintendo

News Fuse




"Hey TNT crew,

I was just watching TNT #277 and saw the bit about the chocolate 3D printer - that's actually something you can do right now with the MakerBot. You swap out the plastic extruder for the ""frostruder"" toolhead, attach an air compressor, and bam you're printing all the same stuff with frosting, chocolate, and peanut butter.

More info here:

-- Derek Quenneville"



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