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Tech News Today
Episode 28

Tech News Today 28: Ride The Fiery Manhole

YouTube goes 4K; Blizzard backtracks on real name requirement; Google compromises with China; Hotels pose largest risk to identity theft; Apple may stream 99-cent TV rentals; and more.




  • New York City develops artificial intelligence to accurately predict manhole cover explosions

On The Calendar

Voicemail, Calls, Emails

  • Voicemail from Johan about another demolition man prediction coming true
  • Email from Lou about Criterion cinema in Bar Harbor showing 3D movies in 2D
  • Email from Paul: secure passwords
  • Email from Boyden about unlikely horseboy theory




  • offer code TNT
  • Carb #3
  • ad times: 00:41-00:50 and 42:07-43:23

Production Information

  • Edited by: Erik
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