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Tech News Today
Episode 280

Tech News Today 280: Anarchist Wedding Planners

Mobile will crush game consoles, Netflix takes on the ISP data plans, Google agrees to TESTIFY, and more.


Top Stories

  • Netflix criticizes new Internet billing by bits
  • Netflix: Is it broadband’s cash cow or data hog?
    • Netflix Gen. Counsel David Hyman wrote an opinion piece titled "Why Bandwidth Pricing is Anti-Competitive" which ran in the WSJ and calls out ISPs for tiered plans
    • Hyman says the charges levied by the ISPs don't reflect the actual cost to increase bandwidth:
    • Says 1GB of data costs ISPs about 1 penny for wireline ISPs
    • "Wireline bandwidth is an almost unlimited resource due to advances in Internet architecture"
    • argues usage-based plans hurt Skype, Hulu, and Netflix. "With online-content delivery providers like Netflix and voice services like Skype experiencing explosive growth, competitors see consumption-based billing as a convenient way to slow that growth by making the use of online services more expensive."
  • US: LightSquared 4G would have "severe operational impact" on GPS
    • Lightsquared wants to launch a wholesale, satellite and ground transmitter wholesale LTE business. Good for wireless competition
    • The bands their allowed to transmit in will interfere with GPS
    • The National Telecommunications Information Agency (NTIA) issued an assessment saying Lightsquared should not be allowed to begin its operations in the bands and in response to Lightsquared's solution recommends FCC withhold authorization "until all the available test data can be analyzed and all valid concerns have been resolved."
    • The NTIA assessment contains testing results overseen by the National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (EXCOM).
    • The EXCOM interference study was run by the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Systems Engineering Forum (NPEF). "during this NPEF effort, the LightSquared signal caused degradation at distances of approximately one kilometer to several hundred kilometers for LightSquared Phase 0, 1, and 2 configurations," Problems come from the ground-based stations
    • Lightsquared has two Mobile Satellite Service space vessels. They want to convert them to broadband dispensers streaming internet to ground stations (Ancillary Terrestial Component (ATC)
    • Lightsquared says they'll temporarily only use the lower 10 MHz of their allotted spectrum which should eliminate 99% of the interference.
    • They propose cost-sharing with the industry to underwrite a workable solution for "the small number of precision measurement and other devices that may be at risk."
    • The original LightSquared spectrum licenses contemplated only a satellite service without ground base stations; by the time such signals reach the ground, they are faint. Ground-based towers can blast out huge amounts of power compared to the relatively fragile GPS signal in the next band.
    • LightSquared has partially blamed GPS makers for not properly shielding against neighboring spectrum interference.
    • As far as the FCC goes ""addressing the interference concerns regarding GPS must be completed to the Commission's satisfaction before LightSquared commences offering commercial service"" on its MSS frequencies."
  • Google chairman Schmidt agrees to testify at Senate antitrust hearing
    • Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has agreed to testify at a September hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Antitrust subpanel.
    • Google previously declined
    • The Federal Trade Commission recently opened a broad probe into allegations Google uses its dominance of the search market to boost its own services.

Discussion Stories

  • Anonymous vows revenge after 15 arrested; AntiSec hacks continue
    • 15 arrested after 33 raids (32 in Italy, 1 in Switzerland).
    • the 15 are between the ages of 15 & 28, 5 are under 18
    • accused of DoS attacks on Italian gov't sites
    • Italian authorities say they've arrested someone with the handle "Phre" and described the 26-year old Swiss-Italian as a "leader" of the hacking roup.
    • AnonOps asked Anonymous to "Let [the government] have it, stronger than ever."
    • Over the past few days, AntiSec hacks have included huge numbers of defacements of Turkish websites—a few dozen government sites here, a thousand here, and another few hundred here, database dumps from 20 Italian universities, and futher attacks on the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
    • IM & VoIP provider Nimbuzz also targeted for its cooperation with local govts to block access to its VoIP services.
  • John Carmack: 'Unquestionable' That Mobile Will Surpass Current Consoles
    • John Carmack of id Software (maker of Rage) says that mobile devices will be more powerful than current-gen consoles within a very short time (2 years)
    • convenience can make up for what's lacking in power
    • "I think that mobile is getting a lot of wins on convenience and I do think that streaming services like OnLive have a future. It’s not at all clear that the existing ones will survive long enough for that future to get there, but I think that it’s almost unquestionable that if you look 5, 10 years in the future, that that type of delivery - even though it’s not going to necessarily be the same graphical quality of latency quality, but a whole lot of convenience can make up for [what's lacking]."

News Fuse

Rumour Mill



"I found this thread about Google + age requirements.

Basically, Google is limiting the beta to 18 and older because they don’t feel like they have enough controls in place to protect minors yet.

Just thought I would let you know what I found.

--William Proffit"

"Greetings TNT crew!

On TNT #279 you discussed the new 4, 5, or 6 strikes ""anti-piracy"" policy that many ISPs have begrudgingly agreed to impose on their subscribers. My ISP is Time Warner Cable, and I subscribe to one of their lowest service tiers. I do not have a static IP address, and I have seen my IP address change from time to time. Do ISPs keep some sort of a log that tells them which subscriber had which IP address and when? If they don't, it may make the RIAA violation notices virtually impossible to enforce. How am I to know if my IP address today was assigned to a music pirate yesterday?

Love the show -

Dirk Snyder Moreno Valley CA"

"Hey TNT,

I'm just listening to Wednesday's show, and your brief talk about the music industry argument that digital music is killing albums because people just buy individual songs made me wonder.

Could this mean better music? If musicians accept that consumers will, for the most part, only buy the songs they like, could that lead to artists working harder to make ALL the songs on their album killer, rather than filler?

Great show as always,

English John, from England (also beagrie on Twitter)"



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