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Tech News Today
Episode 282

Tech News Today 282: Beware The Cloudpocalypse

Netflix raises or lowers prices depending, AT&T really has LTE devices, Comcast has no mercy, cuts off Seattle man, and more.


Top Stories

  • AT&T reveals first two 4G LTE devices, but neither are phones
  • AT&T to unveil first two 4G LTE products
  • HP TouchPad 4G announced for AT&T with faster processor
  • AT&T to unveil first two 4G LTE products
    • ATT's announced 2 new LTE devices, no release date
    • Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G ($69.99), the other is an LTE modem called the USBConnect Momentum 4G ($49.99)
    • both have $50 mail in rebates
    • ATT says they will release 20 "4G" devices by the end of the year some of which will be LTE
    • ATT LTE will go live by end of Summer in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.
    • TouchPad 4G which will run on ATT , 1.5Ghz processor (compared to WiFi only version at 1.2Ghz)
    • TIMN thinks the TouchPad will be on the HSPA+ network, not LTE
    • Comes with 32GB of storage & GPS
    • Pricing and timing info not specificed "available in time for back to school"
  • Apple’s Lawyers Used To Be Samsung’s, And Samsung Doesn’t Like It
  • Apple hires lead patent counsel; Samsung alleges conflict of interest
  • HTC tells Apple to try competing, rather than suing
  • Apple Loses Senior iPhone Patent Attorney
    • Reuters reports that Apple's Senior Patent Attorney, Richard Lutton Jr is leaving Apple. He was in charge of iPhone-related properties and will leave soon - possibly in the next month.
    • BJ Watrous will replace him. Watrous was once the deputy general counsel for HP
    • Samsung has asked the court to remove Apple's outside legal team Bridges & Mavrakis who worked with Samsung previously
    • B&M claims that technology evolves so quickly that the time spent on Samsung’s side of the battle line is basically irrelevant now, and that “prior representation of Samsung was not substantially related to the current matter.
    • Samsung argues that the “prior representation” Bridges & Mavrakakis is referring to was actually early 2011. Back then, Samsung was in the trenches with Sony Ericsson over a patent that has since been added to the Apple countersuit. Bridges & Mavrakakis lawyers investigated said patent. --- Additionally, Samsung believes all current attorneys who have worked B&M< should be let go as they must have shared info.

Discussion Stories

  • Windows operating system share slides in June while OS X, iOS continue to climb
  • Microsoft Plans to Say Goodbye to Windows XP
    • June 2011 data from Net Applications shows MS market share down to 88.29%. OS X 5.37% ---- followed by iOS with 2.63%, Java ME with 1.12% and Linux with 0.95%
    • August 2010 MS was 91.34%. OS X was 5.0%. Each month Windows marketshare shrunk a bit. Windows’ OS share dropped below 90% in January of this year for the first time since it climbed above the threshold. Stephen Rose, the IT community manager for Windows, stated that the 10-year old XP will end support April 8 2014---- Windows XP is the operating system with a market-leading 51 percent of personal computers.

Microsoft sees unified eco-system for PCs, Phones, and TVs of tomorrow

    • WinRumours reports references to "XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH" AND "XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH_RESERVED," have been found in the Windows 8 kernel code
    • Could mean remote control of Xbox, could mean Xbox games coming to PC....
    • Yesterday Microsoft merged with, and has indicated Live would be built into the PC in some way.
    • Microsoft’s president of its phones division, Andy Lees, has told delegates of the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference that Microsoft is working towards a unified eco-system for all its products moving forward as continues to align its PC, phone, and gaming businesses together.
    • “We are bringing together of all the devices into a unified eco-system,” said Lees at the conference. “If the core of the device itself is possible to be common across phones, PCs, TVs and other things, there will be a single eco-system will all come together.”
    • “Our strategy is that these new form factors are within a single eco-system rather than different eco-systems.”
  • The Day Comcast’s Data Cap Policy Killed My Internet for One Year
  • Mirrored link in case main link is down
    • 15 MB down/3 MB up Comcast broadband service had been shut off due to exceeding their 250 GB/month data cap policy.
    • Had been suspended month before and got a wartning. Took measures to reduce bandwidth but was cut off again and suspended for a year
    • Cap applies to upload and download, Andre is a photographer, attributed excess to carbonite and Amazon uploads for backups and music storage
    • Explained and asked to be reinstated and was told no ( to add insult to injury he was sent through 'customer retention' to cancel his account.
    • Andre Vrignaud has worked in the interactive entertainment industry for over 20 years at companies such as Intel, Microsoft Xbox, and Amazon. He currently works as an independent game industry consultant doing game, platform strategy, and media/PR consulting for a variety of firms.

News Fuse




"Hi TNT crew

This is Chris from Sweden

I live,in Sweden and we have awesome broadband, I have 4 laptops in the house one of which is about a foot away from me right now. However I use my android phone to access the internet probably 75% of the time. Maybe I'm lazy but I can't be bothered to open up my laptop to surf.

I use apps like reader, G+, Twitter, Facebook, and my6sense for news and blogs. Doggcatcher and the Twit app for podcasts, my gmail is always logged in and there, and so on.

My main usecase for my laptop is for Slingbox and and the like.

Just wanted to point out that it's not due to a lack if access to broadband but due to the convenience of surfing on my phone.

Love the show,


"Hi team,

A quick bt of news from New Zealand today. Our own "Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Act" (with 3-strikes) is due to come into force on Sep 1 2011. Today we have learned that the fee for rights holders to make an accusation/complaint will be at least $20 per notice, and possibly $25 (there's a little confusion in the media - a PR differes to a govt website). Furthermore, it looks like there will be a fee of $200 to take the complaint to the Tribunal. Also of note is that while the act starts on Sep 1, anyone can get notices for infringing from 21 days before that date - so, kiwis need to behave after August 10th!

Here's a link to a govt paper with regulation proposals for practical implementation of the scheme,

Regards, Chris."

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